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Friday, February 26, 2010


I recently watched the movie Avatar without really realizing all of the hype surrounding it the years before it was released in theaters. Plus, when it was finally released and was the #1 movie in the world I still didn't even pay attention because of my misunderstanding of the movie. Avatar was created and imagined through the eyes of Oscar winning director James Cameron.

After watching the first 20 or 30 minutes, the first observation I made about this movie was the stunning special effects that immediately reminded me of something George Lucas and Steven Spielberg would make up. Believe me that is definitely a compliment since those two are legends when it comes to special effects. The movie takes place on the planet Pandora and the scenery on the planet is breathtaking. The shots are taken in New Zealand and Hawaii.

Without giving away much of the movie, a quick synopsis: In our not so distant future, Earth is suffering an energy crisis and Pandora contains minerals that could help earth survive. The air is toxic to humans and they have to have futuristic oxygen tanks to breathe. The only obstacles are the natives of the planet, the Na’vi. The Na’vi would be described as primitive, similar to 1500’s Native Americans or tribes in Africa. Human scientists on Pandora have created avatars for humans to be able to be their own version of the Na’vi. They are able to link their brain to the body of their own Na’vi.

The main protagonist is Jake Sully, who has his own avatar and whose mission is to study the Na’vi and get intel for the military. Jake learns their culture and learns to be one of them and in doing so, sees the beauty of their culture and helps them fight against what he originally fought for. The antagonists are the military and their old-school mentality head of military operations, Colonel Miles Quartich, who sees the Na’vi as a threat and does not care in the slightest about understanding their culture before attacking them. The Na’vi see the military as a threat with their weapons of destruction. The Na’vi are peaceful and do not like humans and their destructive ways.

In my opinion, this movie was a great story with the special effects being the icing on the cake. Sigourney Weaver, as always, is outstanding as Dr. Grace Augustine, the head of the Avatar Program. This movie was three hours long but seemed shorter since there wasn’t any part of the movie that was boring to me. The animals, military robots, and the planet itself make me think of the new Star Wars trilogy. You’ll see what I mean if you plan to watch it and haven’t yet. Like George Lucas, James Cameron has created a whole new universe for all of us to learn.


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Thanks for stopping at my blog, and I'm returning the follow. I also9 saw Avatar 3D at the IMAX theater near our home. It was totally awesome. I love the concept of the man that was in the wheelchair being able to walk & doing everything & turning out to be the hero. Just a really good story from start to finish.

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Thanks for this great review! I haven't seen this yet, but son has been asking to see it.

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