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Friday, February 26, 2010

Celebrity Fit Club

This episode, in my opinion, is leading up to something big as you could tell in the upcoming show previews. I just don’t understand why anyone would go on a show, knowing its weight lost program and blatantly ignore the program? If someone said here are all these experts and you can lose weight if you listen to what they tell you, I would listen to every single word. These people are given tools that some of us are never given. It’s beyond me and I really don’t understand why it’s so hard to listen? Plus, hello you signed up for weight lose show so if you’re not going to obey the rules what’s the point. Do they really want to lose weight or are they doing it for the exposure the show brought?

One question I would love the answer to is why they have alcohol at the boot camp?

Here are my thoughts on each person:

Bobby – What a great week he had. I thought he was going to be the one to really screw it up by the previous episodes. Nicole needs to take lessons off of him and ditch the alcohol. To pour out the Vodka and recognize that as a weakness was brilliant and courageous of him. I have to give to him for rock climbing and not backing out. I am extremely afraid of heights and I don’t know if I would have been able to climb that wall.

Nicole – I just don’t get her? Does she have a slight problem with alcohol or is the show just portraying it that way for drama? Now she was the one I thought was going to do great but right now she is blowing it. She has the least amount of weight to lose and could be in great shape the fastest. Is she totally not taking it seriously? The excuses made up about catering on the different sets were BS if you ask me. That’s why people plan ahead or ask if they can have different food from the catering service.

Shar – I am just waiting for this bomb to blow up and we all know on whom. She is doing great and staying focused. I really like her and think she is such a sweet girl. I couldn’t imagine going through a nasty split up in the public eye. It’s bad enough when it’s behind close door and the 3 rd party involved would have been awful.

Kevin - He is doing a really good job and I think he will be one of the best. But again I think there is going to be something happen between him and Shar. I still don’t understand how he kind of just ignores her.

Sebastian - Another one who needs to ditch the alcohol and stick to the plan. Has any one else noticed how calm he is or how he laughs everything off? I am really disappointed in him this week. But next week looks really interesting.

KayCee – She is awesome and is doing really good. Her attitude is pleasant and she does not cause a scene. The Pole dancing gave me a chuckle, but it was cute.

Tanisha – This girl has some major underlying mental health issues. She looked like an ass after the challenge, being a drama queen for what? I don’t think there is a need to be that dramatic about not getting Kevin up in time. Then making up excuses for not having enough will power is totally ridiculous. Apparently she has no will power over emotions or her eating according to her nonexistent weight lost. But I really do believe she has the will power/courage to lose the weight and stick to the diet.

Jay – What a very determined guy and so sweet and caring. I think he did an awesome job of pointing out Nicoles drinking issues. She gets very defensive about the issue and he was right on target when he approached her. It was great of everyone to throw Jay a Bday party and the pole dances were really funny. The piece’s of fruit, how funny was that? I think he is going to do great and be one of the top weight losers.