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Friday, February 26, 2010

My Life with MS

For those who may not know MS is Multiple Sclerosis. This lovely disease in simpler terms is a disease that destroys the pathways of communication on the spinal cord and brain. Lesions are formed and the results are several different symptoms. With MS, the body’s own immune system is attacking our normal tissue. MS is the leading disabling neurological disease in the US & the cause is still unknown and as of this time, there is no cure.

I do not think of MS as a curse nor am I angry over having MS. Being angry helps nothing and it definitely isn’t going to make it any better. I have to readjust my life accordingly which is a pain in the ass but you will have that. It could always be worse.

I heard the magic words “you have every sign of having MS” a little over 3 years ago. I cried for about 3 hours and then I was over it. How can I be sad when I had a beautiful baby boy who loved me unconditionally? How can I be sad when I know this disease may disable me but it will not kill me? I am lucky to have MS period. This is a gift not a curse because you can take this and make it the greatest lesson you ever been taught.

I went through all the crap of being officially diagnosed and then handed the worse freaking drug ever. I went to physical therapy to learn to use the right side of my body again. I was also given a 5 day dose of IV steroids which helped me regain the use of my right side. There have been many ups and downs through the last three years. Many more will come my way and I will handle them accordingly.

I started exercising and started a diet that was extremely healthy. I felt so good and my strength increased 10 fold. But I have gone back to my old way because of fatigue and absolutely no will power. I am starting again in the beginning of March and you can follow my progress.

The whole point is no matter what life throws at you it’s your decision on what to do with it. So make life a good one because it could be so much worse. I love comments so go ahead and let me know what you think..


FibroMommy said...

I too, am a parent with disabilities. My daughter's father and I have recently enrolled in a "parenting your teen" class,as we are struggling to learn new ways to communicate with her as she grows into a young woman. What I am finding out tho is that this class in no way addresses being a parent with a disability. It's frustrating and things that might work with most families just donot fit for me. I would be so happy if I could connect with another mom who would understand what I'm going through.

Mippy said...

Wow! I just want to say what an inspiration you are and how awesome your attitude is!
Thank you for sharing! :)

sueparks2003 said...

I'm sorry to hear that you have to live with this disease and I'm even more sorry that they do not know what causes it which makes it that much harder to find a cure. A very close friend of mine also has MS luckily her children were older when she was diagnosed. I am disabled also but I should consider myself lucky compared to what others live with. I hope you find something for yourself as well as teaching others about this disease.
Gladys P