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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Salsa and Tortilla Chips

A Healthy Quick Snacking Idea

Our family all agrees on eating Salsa and Chips for their snack. The kids absolutely love this and so do we. Adding a touch of Queso Dip to the salsa is a added bonus for the kids. But be careful Queso isn’t the healthest but the not the worse either.

What I have Learned about Salsa and why it's a #1 choice in our family for healthy snacking:

- Most Salsa’s Have around 4 to 5 calories per Tablespoon

- No Added Sugar (no sugar buzz for the kids, A Mothers Dream)

- You could use salsa as a substitute it for Ketchup (remember ketchup has sugar)

- Salsa is high in Vitamin C & A, plus B6

- But be careful because some salsa may be high in Sodium (Always read the label)

- Salsa as we all know is made from tomatoes which are an awesome source of heart healthy lycopenes..

- Even better if the Salsa has Chili Peppers in the Ingredients. Of course we have to watch the hotness because our kids are not big fans of anything to spicy.

- Capsaicin is the Active Ingredient in Chili Peppers. So it also has some awesome benefits such as anti-inflammatory effects. But one must be careful because in my case my stomach can’t handle it (neither can my butt).

- I almost forgot to mention that salsa also is a good source of iron, as well as magnesium and potassium to help maintain normal blood pressure. (Mr. Man also has high Blood Pressure).

- But of course as with anything else always read the labels of the food you buy.

- One more thing Salsa is a great food in relation to health benefits but it’s not good if you buy chips that are horrible in calories and such. If you eat Tortila chip that have 5000 per 10 chips (I am exaggeration of course) you just blow the whole point of eating a really healthy snack. So READ the label before you buy it.

I will post my healthy recipe for making homemade Tortilla Chips & Salsa that are low in calories and tasty.


~Cheryl~ said...

YUMMY- we also love chips and salsa. I like to make it homemade with just a small grinder. It tastes so fresh and a healthy alternative. Looking forward to the recipes. ;-)

tatum810 said...

Thanks Cheryl and we love it fresh also..In the summer is the best time because of the local Farmers Markets with fresh produce..Plus we can make it as smooth or chunky as you like when making your own..

The Holmes Crew said...

Great, I'm hungry (again)! Stoppin' by from FF! Love the blog!