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Friday, February 19, 2010

So I Stopped Smoking

Now What

I have been smoke free for over a year now. Pat on the back for me yayayaya….So how did I, a person with zero will power, stop smoking? Simple and you may want to read this next sentence over a few times so you get it. One thought (well maybe more than one), How In The Hell Can A Little Piece of Freaking Tobacco Have That Much Power Over Me. For God’s sakes it doesn’t even talk let alone have a freaking brain. It controls what I do when I get up, after I eat, when I’m bored, and the list goes on for the rest of the day. Really think about it a piece of freaking tobacco has that much power over my brain. Oh yeah it has a say in when I may die wow crazy huh? That right there was my motivation to take back my power over my body.

So I had a little friendly help from The Patch (what a life saver literally). I have been on my mission to stop for some time now and I finally got it. Yeah I read all the negative health effects but I wasn’t feeling or seeing any of them. So guess what it didn’t apply to me.

I tried every method one has seen or heard about. I never tried hypnosis and would never because I have seen people light up after they were done. The pills gave me bad headaches and hell you could smoke while taking them. Nope the Pill was not for me. The Gum was freaking gross and didn’t do anything for me either. The Patch took the “edge” off and was so, so easy and wonderful.

I still crave that little piece of serenity that tobacco can give but I am a winner. I will never bow down to a piece of a plant or feeling ever again. The best part is my teeth look freakin awesome and my breath smells oh so delightful. That’s where my new love of Creststrips comes into play and my favorite toothpaste. I have also started more healthy habits yippy skippy hooray for me.


tsue said...

Oh, kudos!! Seriously, KUDOS!!!!!! I am a wanna be quitter and I really appreciate the way you penned your motivation.

Thank you!
tsue1136 at yahoo dot com

abeer ahmed said...

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