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Friday, February 19, 2010

Why I Love McCormick’s

So we all get lazy and don’t want to slave over a freaking stove for hours. I know it’s so much fun cooking for hours after a long day. Well, I as a lazy person love McCormick’s Seasoning because it rocks. Never has anything ever turned out bad that I have made with McCormick’s and it’s so, so easy.

The Pork Chops Bag ‘n Seasoning is one of the best ever. The Pork is so juicy and tender. Plus it takes 5 minutes at most to get everything ready and throw in the oven. Because I use thicker pork chops it’s done in about 45 minutes or less. I love this with some rice or potatoes…YUMMY!

Oh, the Bag ‘N Seasoning Chicken is an angel’s way of making chicken. It comes right from heaven! (I swear!). Just like the chops it’s so juicy and falls apart when you put a fork in it. I don’t have to use a knife because it’s so tender. I really love using their Country gravy with this recipe. Maybe 5 minutes prep time and about an hour or slightly more to cook. Oh yeah I almost forgot, you can put some veggies in the bag with the chicken.

The Country Style Bag ‘N Chicken is always a favorite and tastes like home cooking at its best. I love eating mashed potatoes with this one so I can put my gravy over them. Again, the chicken is so juicy and tender it falls apart with a fork. It takes about 5 minutes prep time and an hour or longer in the oven.

If you love meat loaf, they have Bag ‘N Season and the Seasoning Mix. Both are really good in my book but I lean towards the seasoning mix because I use a meat loaf pan, that way all the fat of the hamburger drains off. The advantage with using the bag is that veggies can be added. Prep time is a little longer at 15 minutes, but who can complain about only 15 minutes. Both take about an hour or longer to cook.

You haven’t tried Sloppy Joe Mix until you try theirs. The only thing I can say is that it tastes better than the rest period. The flavor is so much better than the other big name brands.

There are 5 different types of Chili Mixes that you can choose from. Mr. Man loves the Hot Mix and he said it was some of the best chili he has ever tasted. I don’t like chili so I honestly say yuck to this one. Also, my brother would have me make this for him all the time. I once even sent some home with a friend and her husband and brother- in- law, and they ate it like it was going to be taken away from them. So I will take everyone’s word on this and say it’s YUMMY!

I am extremely picky about my gravy and had a hard time finding one I really liked. The jars of gravy in my opinion are disgusting and will never buy them. I lean towards lighter colored gravy, such as chicken, but occasionally like the brown ones too, such as beef. Our family favorite is the Original Country Gravy Mix. This gravy tastes like it came from a restaurant and I mean that in a good way. The chicken gravy is light gravy and really good over some mashed potatoes, chicken or noodles. Mr. Man said the brown gravy was really good (I will take his word on it).

I will post later with additional products from McCormick. Plus I am going to add Recipes with McCormick as the Feature.

McCormick has an awesome website so go check it out and let me know what you think
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