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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fisher Price Smart Cycle Extreme Review

When I was first told about the Extreme Cycle I was hesitant to think a 4 year old could really learn how to control the game yet alone understand how it worked. Could it really teach my child to improve on the skills he already had? The only positive first impression was that it would be good for exercising during the winter months. Not only did my son learn how to operate it fairly easy, he enjoyed (yes enjoyed) the physical activity that went along with playing the games.

The Extreme version of the Smart Cycle has a Rumbling Action that every kid will love. Tommy’s grandparents found the Extreme on sale as the same price of the Classic. Even if it was not on sale I think it’s worth the few extra dollars for the Extreme.

The Smart Cycle offers a variety of features that make this game worth every penny. One feature that Tommy uses every once in a while is the joystick instead of pedaling. If he is tired and wants to take a break from pedaling but not stop playing he uses the joystick. It did take a little bit longer for him to understand how to use this feature.

The games teach the fundamentals of learning such as recognition of upper & lower case letters. Math & counting are also a big part of the games. Other learning features include shapes, spelling, creativity, matching & spatial reasoning. My son is in preschool and these games encourage learning which is so very important to me.

Coordination is one important skill that is learned in this game through pedaling, driving & learning at the same time. My son was a good peddler before he started this game but he has improved on pedaling while concentrating on other things at the same time. Pedaling his regular bike does not take full concentration and he can do other things such as looking around for cars while crossing the street. It can also help a child just learning to pedal which so nice because the bike is stationary and that’s all they have to focus on when first starting.

The exercising really gets bumped up when racing against other cars. At first my son did not understand the concept but he wants to “beat those other guys”. Plus, he thinks it’s great and he can try & crash into other cars. Picking out his customized car is always fun because he gets to make his own choices. Tommy has also grown 1 ½ inches since he got this for Christmas. We can adjust the seat to fit his height which is another awesome feature. Because we all know kids come in different sizes and have some really big growth spurts.

Assembly of the bike was fairly simple and hooking it up to the TV is really easy also. I have found the quality extremely good and perfect so far. The graphics are ok for the recommended child’s age for this game. Don’t expect graphics as good as the Xbox or Wii. Kids really don’t care about graphics at his age so it’s not a big deal. They are happy playing their own video games like the older kids or adults.

The games also grow with the child as he/she advances in their skill levels. This boosts confidence in learning when they achieve the different levels. The one thing I wish they offered was more games. The games are awesome but I wish there was a larger variety of games.


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