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Monday, March 8, 2010

It’s Complicated Movie Review

Mr. Man and I first saw the preview to this movie while we were at the theater to watch Couples Retreat. My first impression was just another mediocre movie with a predicable story line. I kind of forgot about it until Mr. Man wanted to watch it because there was nothing else to watch. Pleasantly surprised is about the only words I could think of while watching this movie. This movie was so good I can’t believe more people are not talking about it. I laughed more at this movie than I did watching Couples Retreat. This movie is so completely different than any other movie I have seen.
Meryl Streep (Jane) is a divorced mother of 3 grown children and is a popular bakery/restaurant owner. Her ex husband is played by Alec Baldwin (Jake) who is a lawyer married to a much younger woman. They have been divorced for a decade & it all begins when they attend their son’s college graduation in another town. Jane & Jake have an innocent dinner which turns into much more. Along the way Jane begins to fall for Adam (Steve Martin) & a whole new twist is thrown into the mix. Adam is the architect hired to build an addition onto Jane’s house.

Jane does deal with some serious issues that were not dealt with after her divorce. Jane’s friends always tried to get her to date and knew there was no man in her life until she had the affair with her ex. Her friends thought it was absolutely funny that she was now the other woman and she was getting revenge on the woman who had an affair with her husband. This scenario makes for quite a hilarious movie.

This movie does make you wonder if I was put in Jane’s position what would I do. I also like that Alec’s now younger wife is being cheated on just like she did to Jane. But of course I don’t condone cheating even though it was funny in the movie.

The acting was superb and the cast was perfect and worked well together. I will admit when I saw Alec Baldwin I didn’t think it was going to flow as well as it did, especially with him playing one of the main characters in a comedy. Alec played a great role and he was point on with the humor of this movie. He really went all out with this one. Trust me. Meryl also played the comical role to perfection & did a great job when the movie turned serious. John Kraskinski from the Office is also great as the role of the son-in-law and has some funny moments.

I definitely recommend this movie as it was written, directed, and casted as a light-hearted romantic comedy with a twist. The writers of this movie wrote an intelligent, quirky, hilarious movie that brought out the strengths of the actors and made them believable in a comedy role, which neither Meryl Streep or Alec Baldwin are used to. Hopefully they will be cast together again because their chemistry is fantastic. To sum it up, this movie is an instant classic comedy that shows the funnier side of couples in their 50’s. Add in a touch of emotion, and you have a movie that couples or just adults in general from every generation can enjoy.


Debbie(single;complicated) said...

I saw this movie twice and loved it both times...will buy it when it comes out...:) great movie!!!

Tatum said...

As you can tell I loved it also..It will also be added to our DVD collection..

guettel78 said...

Definitely a much better movie than you'd expect -- a really funny, sexy, grown-up romantic comedy with a cast that can't be beat. Thanks for the great review!

tsue said...

I haven't seen this yet. I always enjoy Streep's films, but was concerned that this would be another of those films in which all the highlights were in the preview.

Thanks for the in depth review! I will be certain to watch it. Sounds great!

tsue1136 at yahoo dot com