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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NBA Live 2010 Review

During the winter months around the area where I live, there is a ton of snow on the ground and it is cold and it is not very desirable to go outside. I love to play basketball and unless I join the YMCA, I have no way to feed my addiction and love for the game of basketball. I enjoy watching college and pro basketball, but it’s not the same. Luckily, I purchased NBA Live ’10 and it will definitely pass as an alternative for the real thing.

The first great feature about the game I noticed was the fluid game-play during either a game against the computer or against a person online. The players’ movements are very realistic and it’s easy to control what they do on the court whether it’s dribbling, driving to the basket, defending, or shooting. The control sticks do most of the work, which makes sense to me while playing a basketball video game. Some games shooters are cold, some games they’re hot like real basketball.

The best feature though that makes the game realistic is the Dynamic DNA. Dynamic DNA goes right along with the player’s skill in real life and brings those skills to the player on the video game. For example, if Lebron James is having a bad shooting day in his real game, Dynamic DNA will adjust his skills when you use him for a game accordingly. He still might shoot well for you, but there’s a better chance he won’t since he didn’t in real life. This is how it is when you play online. If a player’s injured, then you won’t be able to use him that day on the game until he comes back (sometimes it takes until the next day before you get the player back).

During game-play, you don’t even need to call a timeout to change strategies during the game. Using the control pad, you can change defensive matchups, set your offensive plays and style of play, your pick and roll strategy, make substitutions, defensive formations, set double teams, and set defensive pressure. Keep in mind though at first you may need to call timeouts to make sure you do it right until you get the hang of it.

Some other features worth mentioning are the FIBA championship tournament. For those who don’t know, this is when you can pick a country’s national team, such as Spain, Japan, or the U.S. It includes the real players. Another feature I really like is the playoff atmosphere setting for the crowd. This setting is automatically used for online play, then when you play the computer for a season or dynasty if you make the playoffs. The crowd is rowdier, louder, and wave towels the whole game with your team’s color. The music soundtrack for the game just reminds you of basketball for some reason. With artists like De La Soul and Mos Def, the music doesn’t disappoint. Also, if you’re hooked up online, the updated ESPN ticker goes across the screen and ESPN periodically interrupts the music to give you an audio feed of the day’s biggest sports news. There is also a feature called Adidas Live Run where you can get a squad together of friends who all play online and you play on the same team against other teams to 21.

Overall, this is the best realistic basketball game I’ve ever played and definitely recommend it if you like basketball like I do. Even if you don’t play many video games and are a basketball fan, this game will surprise you. So do whatever you have to do, order online, go to Wal-Mart or even your local video game store. Pick it up!


sueparks2003 said...

This sounds very realistic. If it were sitting here I'd probably be trying it out right now. Bet it is a good sub for you.
Gladys P