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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Operation Blubber Be Gone

There are a few of us who has decided to lose weight together and change our eating habits. We will track our weight lose progress each week, which I will post updates. I will also keep track on how well everyone is sticking to their diets & how we are feeling mentally. So what diet or rather eating modification are we going with?
After watching Celebrity Fit Club I was intrigued by the amount of weight that could be lost each week. As I searched the internet I stumbled upon Dr. Ian website “The 50 Million Pound Challenge”. I was very impressed that this diet actually gives you a meal plan that you follow for 30 days. It is the best diet plan I have seen thus far. I have also read review after review about his meal plan which is about 90% positive.

The 30-Day Meal Plan is free and comes with a grocery list for each week. Another great feature is the weight & activity tracker plus an online journal. Teams are another awesome benefit of keeping track online and having other people for support. Check out the website and let me know what you think. Click Here

Each week I will give an update on pounds lost & general feelings about the diet.



Mama Bird said...

Good for you!! I am on a journey to lose weight to. Check out my blog
I would love to try out the 30 day diet after I finish this 1st 6 week detox! Look forward to seeing how you guys do!!

Tatum said...

I will come over to your blog & check it out. Doesn’t it feel good to take control of your health? Tim & I have had several conversations about how bad our eating habits have been throughout our lives. Our cholesterol is out of control & I really don’t feel like having a heart attack at 32.

Shanilie said...

haha eating modification! some people are afraid of the word diet.

so great that you have a good support system and friends to do this together.

Owen's Mom said...

I can't wait to hear about your progress. With Spring here, I feel like I need to get back on track. The bad news is I am way too busy with a move to exercise, but the good news is that does burn calories!