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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Update: Week 1 Blubber Be Gone

Sorry it took so long to update I have been extremely sick.

Tim & I both had good results, but before I get to that I want to share some other thoughts. Week 1 was really difficult considering we completely changed everything about our eating habits. I stopped drinking a 12 pack of coke every day & Tim cut down on drinking Gatorade. If you think about cutting out coke, that’s about 1,700 calories I wiped out. I probably consumed about 2,000 calories in food & Tim probably consumed even more.
The calorie deficit was difficult enough on its own, but then we added foods we rarely ever eat. We used to eat salads but we ate them with ranch, cheese & the stuff that makes salads unhealthy. No more midnight snacks of popcorn & ice cream.

One thing I am happy about is not exercising when we started this diet. We both agreed that it would have been too much of a change. If we would have exercised, our calorie deficit would have been so much greater. To be honest I don’t think I would have been able to handle that.

With this diet, if you can get through the first week & be willing to change it will work. I felt better just knowing I am eating healthier even if I don’t lose an ounce.

- Tim lost 2 ½ pounds

- I lost 3 lbs 12 oz

Remember this is without any exercise. Also we are not going to exercise next week either until we are used to the new way of eating.

If you have any helpful hints or suggestions please comment!!!


Brandi said...

Awesome you two! Keep up the good work!

Tatum said...

Thanks Brandi!!! It feels so good to be doing something about this weight I have aquired..

Tracie said...

Sounds like you are doing great! I always think it is better to not exercise right away with a diet, let your body start loosing a little weight and then when you feel yourself hitting that wall where you don't seem to be loosing anymore you can add in the exercise a little at a time and start seeing rewards again.....I need those rewards to keep myself away from the chocolate!

You are right that even if you don't loose a bunch, you are heading toward better health and that is the most important thing!

(I'm following you back!)