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Sunday, April 25, 2010

HP Mini 210 Mother's Day Giveaway

                                                          Mother's Day 2010

5 Minutes For Mom is giving away a HP Mini Plus a bunch of other great items for Mother's Day.  Click Here to Check it out!!!!

This Mother’s Day we are hoping to make the life of one mom a little easier with the help of an HP Mini 210!

We know that a lot of moms in our 5 Minutes for Mom community are trying to go back to school, are working on their degree, or are trying to start their own business. We also know that it can be very tough to do any of those when you also have a family at home — finding the extra money to get the technology you need and finding the time to actually use that technology…not easy!

The HP Mini 210 is a great solution to both of those problems! Starting at just $299.99, the HP Mini 210 is an affordable compact computer that allows you to easily connect to your email, social networking, banking, research, resources, and more! Weighing less than 3 pounds and 0.9″ thick, the HP Mini 210 is easy to take with you wherever you go!