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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Delicate Soles Review

The bottoms of the shoes are different than any other shoes similar to them because they have a hard bottom. This is a really nice feature because they can be worn outside comfortably. The bottoms can also be wiped off instead of having to run them through the washer.

About Delicate Sole
The shoes come in 4 different popular colors, Lipstick Red, Pixie Dust Pink, Onyx & Starlight Silver. The box & totes come in a standard black. They also come in 3 different sizes which will fit most women’s feet except for people like me. The price is just right @ $19.99 & this includes free shipping!

Delicate Soles was developed by a husband & wife team in the fall of 2009. The idea was conceived in 2002 & now is what we see today as extremely comfortable shoes for a great bargain!
When I first put my feet into Delicate Soles it felt like I was surrounding my feet with silk. My feet are really small (size 5) so they were a tiny bit on the big side for me. I do enjoy the fact that they roll up to a small size & are very compact. I received the color red which is my favorite color! They also came in a sweet little box with 2 nice little bags. The box is so compact that I could easily fit it right in my purse. The quality of the shoes are very nice especially for the price!!