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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fibers A Fun Customizable Gift For Father's Day

If you are looking for a fun gift that Dad can also use & enjoy, Fibers is the place. Kids can be proud of their Father's Day presents that they make just for Dad. We had the pleasure of making my own shirt that was unique to my own sense of who I am. It was really hard because of the endless possiblities that one can create on Fibers. The Custom T-Shirts were also very reasonably priced for the quality. Here is what we came up with

The front represents my love of Music & Turn Tables. The back represents the 3 kids & I am going to school for my degree in Early Childhood Education. Chech out more great features that Fibers Offer!

Add your own text or images.
Customize over 40 different products.
Design for yourself, group, or business.
 No Minimum Order - Design Just One T-shirt!
We offer a wide selection of organic products.
Use a t-shirt template to make creation easy.

Browse 100's of unique designs.
 Orders ship within 2-3 business days.
Personalize any design on the site.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
Advanced direct to garment printing.
View each design on t-shirts, hoodies and more.

Fibers offer a large selection of Dad T-Shirts that is perfect for any Dad or Dad to be. Click Here to check the really awesome selection of Dad Tees!! Another great gift idea is the Vintage T-Shirts offered.


jo oliver said...

Looks very cool, but my dad is more of the tool type. I did get him a shirt that said "I can fix anything with duct tape" ....he loved it. So, this is a great idea to customize the shirt to what your dad likes. Thumbs up.

Sable(atlmuzikfanzinc) said...

nice tshirts to express your self