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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Glee For All Dove Review

Glee For All Giveaway

We as Women/cast of Glee damage our hair every day doing our favorite things:

•Women: Styling, bleaching, straightening, drying, curling; even some things you may not expect – driving in a convertible, running, dancing, swimming

 •Glee: cast spend hours on the set every day putting their hair through a lot of damage: blow drying, straightening, curling, brushing, styling, performing under the stage lights for hours, restyling, re-curling, more hot stage lights …

New, reinvented Dove Hair Care (with Fiber Actives) takes care of the damage so women/cast can keep doing their favorite things  

•Woman: styling, bleaching, straightening, driving in a convertible, running …
•Glee: singing, performing, entertaining …
•Formula with patented Micro Moisture serum and new Fiber Actives protects against and repairs hair damage for beautifully smooth hair

I have always been a fan of Dove & have used it since I was little. But I have stopped using Dove for a long time now. I like to experiment with different Shampoos & Conditioners. So I was excited when I got the opportunity to try out Dove again. The Reinvented Dove is just right for the damage my hair has endured. I have to admit I have never watched Glee but have heard my mom talk about it.

The first thing, of course, I noticed was how good it smelled. I don't remember Dove smelling this good but it's been awhile since I have used Dove. It made my hair silky smooth & very manageable. One thing I did notice was that I had to be careful to really rinse out my hair or it would be really greasy in the back. Overall I really like how soft it made my hair but again I had to be careful when washing it out. 
 I took the Dove Damage IQ test which was interesting & fun. Did you know that coloring your hair is 2.5 times as bad as using a Flat Iron? Another sign of damaged hair is Fly Aways which I have a ton of  & I call them my dog hairs (don't ask I don't know). Click here to discover what type of Dove Hair Products are best for you.

Want a Free Sample so you can try it for yourself click here

Go to to:

• Enter for a chance to win a visit to the Glee set

• Special Glee tour rehearsal performances by Lea Michele

• Exclusive footage from the Glee tour

• Hair care massages from celebrity stylist Gretta Monahan

• Dove Hair Care product information

I was provided a sample for the purpose of a review. All of the above opinions are based on my experience & may be different for others. I was provide with information by Dove/Glee PR.