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Thursday, May 20, 2010

WAT-AAH Review

Don't Drink ____, Drink WAT-AAH!

I always try to encourage the kids to drink water instead of drinks loaded with Sugar. We also of course encourage 2 glasses of milk a day. But what if you could get water with some extra goodness. We were introduced to WAT-AAH which taste you guessed it like water.

WAT-AAH is the first premium water for kids by kids. There are 4 different types:

WAT-AAH - BRAIN is purer than pure with just the right amount of electrolytes to spark the mind.

WAT-AAH - ENERGY, ultra pure water with just enough oxygen is all the clean fuel your body craves, with no nasty side effects like stinky breath or rotten teeth.

WAT-AAH - BODY, your brain is 75% water. Your heart is 75% water. Your muscles are 75% water. Get the point? You're pretty much a swimming pool with legs, so fill it up.

WAT-AAH - POWER, ultra purified water with bone building magnesium. Tastes like clean, pure Water!