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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Community Coffe Giveaway Is ENDING On 7/8 So Hurry Up & Enter

Enter to Win The Rich Taste of Louisiana Coffee Sampler
From Community Coffee
Giveaway Ends on 7/8

My favorite blend out of the Sampler was the French Quarter Fusion. It's one of the smoothest coffees that I have ever tasted. The aroma smells as good as it tastes. It is now definitely one of my favorites out of the Sampler. I also loved the fact that it was whole bean & the flavor is sealed in by a fresh seal package. As with each of the 4 different types of coffees, each one had a distinct taste & was equally smooth & rich in flavor. All come in Whole Bean which I now understand why whole bean is better & more flavorful than coffee that has already been ground.

Click here for your chance to win this awesome coffee package