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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Closed: K'nex Review & Giveaway

The generous people at K'nex sent us several different sets to try out. The funny thing was the oldest girl had more fun than the boys. But don't get me wrong the boys loved building the sets also. K'nex is not only fun but enhances so many different developmental domains. What's better than having fun while learning. Below is what the awesome people at K'nex sent us.
Here are a few of their creations

Collect & Build Construction Crew Series:
Collect & Build the Construction Crew Series! Each set comes with K'NEX parts, including bricks, rods and connectors to build an exciting construction vehicle. There is also a K'NEXman to operate the vehicle, and construction accessories to play with! You can build on the brick plate that is included in the set, then combine all four sets and the brick plates become your own actual construction site! Recommended for builders ages 5+.

We had tons of fun with this series. The oldest boy who is 7 needed help & couldn't have built this by himself.  But it is very buildable as long as there is an adult or older child who can understand the instructions.

350 Piece K’NEX Value Tub:

Packed with 350 parts for lots of open-ended and endless building opportunities and after building play! Includes instructions and ideas for 20 models or use your imagination to dream up your own creations. The convenient and sturdy storage tub means there is always a place to store your parts and partially built models or take the fun with you wherever you go! For ages 7+.

I really love this tub myself & the oldest girl built several of the 20 models that you can build. Again I think only with adult supervision could a 7 yr. old build these models by themselves. Below I have pictures of these really cool models. There so many different possiblities with this tub & opens up the mind to unlimited possibilties.

K’NEX Micro-Bots:

Collect & Build K’NEX Micro-Bots Series - motorized for exciting mechanical movement! This set comes with tons of K'NEX parts, primarily micro rods & connectors to build a motorized robot, get the whole Micro-Bots series and combine them! Recommended for builders ages 7+. Requires 2 "AA" batteries, not included.

This series was soooo much fun & amusing for all the kids. Again I think that an adult needs to help out with this project. It's so fun to see the end result & this gives the kids a sense of accomplishment. It's the perfect gift for kids over the age of 7 & even for the girls.

Fire Rescue 10 Model Set:

Build 10 different models, including a cool fire engine, and bring them to life with the spring motor! Packed with 127 parts plus step-by-step instructions and building ideas for 10 unique models. The convenient storage box is a great place to store your parts and makes it easy for you to take the fun with you. For ages 5+.

This set was easier for the younger kids because of the larger pieces. The larger pieces were easier to manipulate rather than the meticulous littler pieces. What kid doesn't love Fire Trucks so this was a big hit even with the older kids. I think if you want something for a kid around 7 that could build this by themselves is a better fit than the above sets.

Cookie Monster’s Basketball:

Swim Time Ernie:

Kick It! Elmo:

The youngest loved these sets & was his favorite because he could manipulate the pieces all by himself. Each set had between 13 to 15 pieces & clean-up was simple for the youngest. This set is the perfect start to the beginning of learning to build bigger & more complicated K'Nex.

K'nex is perfect for learning hand-eye coordiation, following directions & creativity to name a few. A truly worthwhile project that has endless possibilities in learning. As a child masters one level they can go to the next which means they will not get bored but challenged. This in my mind is a perfect balance of fun, creativity, imgination & learning all bundled into one toy. It will also give your child a sense of acomplishment.

One lucky person will win a 350 Piece K’NEX Value Tub & Fire Rescue 10 Model Set!!!

Must be done before extras are available

- Visit K'nex & tell me a product you like besides the ones mentioned above
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- Please leave an email Address/twitter so I can contact you if you win