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Monday, August 23, 2010

Closed: Cool For School Event: My Secret Circle b.f.f. pack For Tweens Review & Giveaway

My Secret Circle BFF Pack

Unlock your secret circle! A key for you and your best friend too! How cool is that?

Stay connected with your friends online with My Secret Circle BBF Pack! With the BFF pack you get to select your very first circle friend! Online Access Keys unlocks the ability to Journal, Instant Message, Play Games and share photos with your Secret Circle!


My Secret Circle is designed with girls in mind

- Create your very own profile with the All-About-Me pages with a Diva Designer avatar tool
- The online journal that can be kept private or public for friends to read
- Chat with all your friends through instant messaging or buy the separate headset to voice chat
- Other features include games & an extensive photo section allowing girls to upload photos, add text & decor & create slideshows

I wish I had this when I was a tween. It kind of reminds me of a facebook but a lot nicer & with more functional uses such as slideshows. The best feature is the ease of use & extremely user friendly.

I love that you can voice-chat with your friends (saves money on cell bills)!                                                                                                      

 Now you can stay connected through voice chat too! The My Secret Circle Voice-Chat includes Chat Snap Cap--snap on your My Secret Circle Access Key and unlock the Chat section in your secret circle. Let the chatting begin!

My Secret Circle Voice-Chat Headset

Unlock voice–chat with your circle!

No subscriptions or additional fees required.

The best part about my circle is the safety offered through a secure social networking world. It is age appropriate for girls from 8 to 12 but in my opinion it probably could go a little higher in age until at least 14.
What is My Secret Circle?

Invisible to the online world, My Secret Circle lets younger girls create perfectly private communities with friends, while avoiding the advertising and strangers present on other social networking sites.

Within the My Secret Circle world, your child can create their social circles. The My Secret Circle Access Key gives your child access to journal, instant message, play games and photo share. Your child can also have access to unlimited online voice-chat with the My Secret Circle Voice-Chat Headset

My Secret Circle is secure in two ways:

1. Utilizing proprietary technology, the My Secret Circle Access Key™ contains an embedded code that is recognized by My Secret Circle’s™ private browser when connected to your computer. Because this unique code is located in a hardware solution; no personal information, registration or login is ever needed—and no one from the outside world can seek your child out.

Also while entered into the My Secret Circle world— the internet navigation bar is completely stripped away—meaning your child can never navigate outside of the circle to other websites.

2. My Secret Circle users must invite and exchange unique charms codes with real-life friends. My Secret Circle Friend Code Generator generates a unique 12 digit number. This number (Friend Code) must be exchanged through our invitation system.

The invitation system allows your child to print out her Friend Code and create an envelope to trade her Friend Code in person with a real friend of her choice. In order to become “friends,” each girl must own a My Secret Circle Access Key and each girl must exchange a Friend Code. Once your child has exchanged a 12 digit number (Friend Code) with her friend, she must upload it into the “Friend Section” of the My Secret Circle. After inputting this code you will see that your real-life friend has been accepted to access your secret circle.

The 12 digit number (Friend Code) is only good for one time use for one friend. It can never be reused by other non-approved friends. Anytime your child would like to add another “friend” to her circle, she must generate a new Friend Code, and her friend must own the access key.

This is better than facebook & I know a lot of kids are begging to have their own page. Like I mentioned before there is much more to do with My Secret Circle such as personalizing than any other social networking system. It's a must have for any parent who has a girl from 8 & up who wants to keep them safe.

Once you buy the Pack & headset thats it, all that's left is for your girl to have fun..

One luck person is going to get their own My Secret Circle



Open to US residents only & must 18 years old at the time of entry. Giveaway will end on Sept. 7th @ 11:59 pm EST & a winner will be chosen by I will email the winner & the winner will have 72 hours to respond before choosing another winner. I received free samples to properly conduct this review & the opinions of this product are solely mine.

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