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Sunday, August 22, 2010

CLOSED: Cool For School Event: Protect A Bed Student Protection Kit Review & Giveaway

From the time they are born until they have their own houses kids need something to protect their beds. From accidents when they are young to spilling drinks when they are older.
Even with a 4 year old we still have accidents & it continues until they are older. Below is some information about Protect A Bed.

Protect-A-Bed, a leading provider of bedding protection products, now offers a Student Bedding Protection Kit specifically for students living in college dorms to help fight potential bed bug infestations. Mattress encasements, like those found in the Student Bedding Protection Kit, are recognized as one of the most important parts of a proactive plan to address bed bug infestations by entomologists and pest control professionals. Mattress encasements are helpful in the early detection of bed bugs because they make the signs of an infestation readily identifiable while protecting the mattress.

Products like mattress encasements have become particularly important in the college setting, as the numbers of high profile college dorm infestations continue to appear in the news. Mattress encasements make the telltale signs of bed bug infestation visible, as bed bug fecal spotting appears vividly on the white fabric. Also, mattress encasements eliminate the hiding places bed bugs typically find within the seams of a mattress. In addition to making the signs of an infestation noticeable, a properly installed mattress encasement will prevent the mattress from having to be discarded in the event that bed bugs are found. Students should inspect their dorm room frequently, even after installing the bedding protection kit. Three steps that students can follow for an effective inspection includes: Look for fecal spotting and blood spots on the white encasement; Pull the bed frame away from the wall and inspect all corners; and, inspect all other upholstered items in the dorm room, including chairs and couches—especially the seams and under cushions.

Protect-A-Bed’s Student Bedding Protection Kit features three products that offer bedding protection against bed bugs:

· Protect-A-Bed’s Twin XL AllerZip Mattress Encasement: AllerZip Mattress Encasements are bed bug entry, escape and bite proof. The encasements feature a three-sided zipper for ease of use along with the BugLock® and Secure Seal which completely locks the encasement in place and keeps bed bugs and allergens out. Double-stitched seams and the soft, waterproof surface also add a further level of protection around the entire encasement. Featuring the innovative Miracle Membrane®, each encasement keeps liquids out yet remains breathable. Each Student Bedding Protection Kit contains one AllerZip mattress encasement.

· Protect-A-Bed Mattress Protector: The Student Bedding Protection Kit includes a fitted sheet style mattress protector to go on top of the mattress encasement to help keep it clean and to make it as easy as possible for students to maintain a hygienic sleep environment. Like the mattress encasement, the mattress protector features the Miracle Membrane, which makes the protector waterproof, yet cool and comfortable to sleep on.

· Protect-A-Bed’s Pillow Protector: The Kit also includes a pillow protector to aid in providing a bed bug–free sleep zone. With a cotton terry surface, Protect-A-Bed’s unique pillow protectors provide a cool, comfortable place to sleep while creating a bed bug and allergen-free sleeping environment. Each Student Bedding Protection Kit contains one pillow protector.

The Protect-A-Bed Student Bedding Protection Kit does more than assist in bed bug management. Many dorm mattresses have been slept on by multiple people, are filled with dust mites and other allergens, and have stains from bodily fluids and other liquids. Mattress protection creates a layer between students and what’s lurking in their mattresses, to create a more hygienic sleep environment. Furthermore, mattress protection will prevent additional damage to the mattress in the event of an accident. Student-caused damage to a mattress results in damage fees at many colleges and universities.

I had a chance to review the Mattress Protector & really like it. It fits perfectly & I feel better knowing I am sleeping in a much cleaner environment. I washed mine right before I put it on the mattress because it was a little tough. After I washed it, it was nice & soft which made it comfortable to sleep on.

One lucky person will win the Student Protection Kit from Protect A Bed!!!

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