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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Joovy's Nook Highchair Review

One of my favorite features of the Nook is the ease of Set Up & Folding. For the price this High Chair is simply amazing & worth every penny. I have seen chairs that cost double the price & are no way quite as nice. You will not be disappointed I promise. 

The first thing I noticed is the lightness of the chair when I pulled it out of the box. According to Joovy the Nook weighs 15 lbs. After carrying around your child all day, who wants to lug around & fight with a heavy highchair.


I really love the functionality of the swinging tray. It makes me feel better that I can disinfect the tray insert in the dishwasher which gives me the peace of mind that the tray is clean. I wasn't sure if the tray would fit in my super small dishwasher but it fit just right. I have a picture below of the tray in my dishwasher.

This is a pic without the removeable tray insert

You have the option of either Leatherette or Fabric seat. The Leatherette is available in your choice of black or white. I received the black & which looks nice. The fabric is also available in organe & green! It was actually fairly simple to remove the Leatherette from the chair. Just undo the velcro & slide the leather right off (extremely simple).

When my youngest was a baby I used my childhood high chair that I received as a gift from my mom. She refinished the chiar which was so pretty but not at all functional. Have you ever walked away from your baby in their highchair to come back with them slid all the way down & half falling down? Well this happened to me one time before I learned my lesson. The Nook is a such a relief with it's harness system. Again this feature is very easy to use & I hooked & unhooked with one hand. The nook also uses a passive crotch restraint which prevents slipping down.

This is one of the best features of the Nook. Super easy to fold & store so it's not in the way. Below I have listed the Dimensions according to Joovy. One click of the botton & push it down to a nice & tidy folded highchair. It also has a handle at the top for easy carrying.
When folded the Height is only 9.5" and a Width of  24".

One thing about the Nook I wanted to point out is that it does NOT recline. According to Joovy "Our Highchair was designed that way for one simple reason: children should sit up straight to eat. This feature encourages children to develop excellent posture, good habits & correct table manners while eating".

Joovy also carries a nice selection of strollers such as hard to find Triple Stroller aka the Big Caboose. The Playard  is another great product offered by Joovy comes in 3 different colors & with over 10 square feet of floor space. Check out the Toys offered which are completely adorable. Joovy also has some really cool Accessories such as the Rain Cover.

Joovy has a Facebook Page !!!!

I was sent the Nook for my honest review & did not receive any type of payment. The opinions in this review are my own & you may hold different opinions.


lfhpueblo said...

Definitely people need to get the Leatherette, otherwise if they may be washing more often in the washer than they need to, using power, electricity and water that could be saved. That's just my opinion.

Megan said...


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Have a great weekend!
Mommy Minded

Night Owl Mama said...

I love how this folds up. I have this huge sticky high chair in my kitchen that's always in the way I hate it

belgd said...

I love the orange color. These look like pretty solid products, and won't get in the way.

The NEW Mommiez Blend said...

I have wanted one of their stollers for a long time. Too bad when you are having your first you don't think ahead to being able to transport more than one child. This high chair looks great. I like the leatherette option the best.


casey aubut said...

I love the Joovy strollers- I actually didnt know that they made high chairs! Thanks!

ohhhfire said...

that would have been a nice high chair to have! my son just recently switched to a booster.

The Proverbs Wife said...

I'm really missing my old baby days...sigh!

Timster said...

Definitely people need to get the Leatherette.

Cynthia said...

I have the Joovy stroller, but i didn't know they made high chairs! I really like the orange one

TiffsPixieDust said...

I like this high chair a lot and love that the tray can be washed in the dishwasher ....Tiffypoot @ (

Frugal Science Gal said...

Wow! That's fantastic! It can be put in the dishwasher and folded!!

codi said...

Right now I need a new highchair and I just love this! I love that the tray is removable and dishwasher safe. Definitely going to have to check into this!!

Amanda said...

That folds up really small - very convenient for travel to grandma's! It looks really nice - thanks for the review!

Rebecca said...

This looks like a great chair! I really like the swinging tray and that it folds up so tiny! Love the orange color too!

imsosweepy [at] gmail [dot] com

Dixie Diva Deals said...

I really like how it is super easy to store. This is one of the best chairs I've seen. You need to send me some tips on how to do great reveiws! Yours are always the best.

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