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Saturday, September 18, 2010

CLIENTELE: Elastology Thermal Pumpkin Facial Scrub & Pumpkin Peptide Regeneration Cream Rview

Just in time for fall a delightful scent of pumpkin that makes skin glow & brings new life to an aging complexion!

Pumpkin Regeneration

Delight your senses & rejuvenate your complexion with Clientele's New Pumpkin Regeneration formulas which contain a scientific blend of Pumpkin Enzymes, Honey, Apple, Cinnamon, & Clientele's exclusive patented age-defying Sacred Lotus (from the age-defying seed that lives 1000 years). The Pumpkin Scrub, Regeneration Cream & Body Souffle are amazing, dramatic skin beautifiers. These formulas smell delicious, feel fantastic, & leave your skin fresh, moist & revitalized!

Hydrate & soften your skin. Contains Clientele's patented Lotus, Peptides, Apple Antioxidants & Pumpkin Enzymes. This regenerating cream moisturizes the skin, reduces the appearance of lines, refines skin texture, & improves skin vitality & clarity.

Reduce dryness, chapped skin & moisturize your hands 7 body. Extra-rich souffle that improves hydration of the skin. Pumpkin naturally helps micro-exfoliate aged cells, revealing fresher, younger looking skin.


More than just a wash...a Revitalizing Experience! Delight your senses & rejuvenate your complexion with natural pumpkin enzymes & jojba beads that exfoliate aged cells exposing smooth radiant skin. Water activates a thermal release of warming suds that deep cleanses the pores & removes blackheads & dull, lifeless skin. Smells delicious, feels fantastic as it warms the skin. Leaves skin aglow. This is the all-time favorite. With a blend of Pumpkin enzymes, Honey, Apple & Cinnamon this scrub will also delight your senses as well as your skin!

Clientele Videos gives a brief explanation of power of age-defying Sacred Lotus Seed Extract

As a reader of mine you can get a sample of Clientele Thermal Pumpkin Scrub FREE, for just the cost of shipping by entering the Code "GLAM"  on the website or by calling Clientele Direct at 1-800-327-4660.

Clientele products are also available at select Nordstorm stores!

I had a chance to try the Thermal Scrub & Regeneration Cream! The smell was heavenly along with results! I have been using both for about 3 weeks & I actually look forward to the smell each morning when I shower.


Janelle said...

Pumpkin enzymes and jojba bead exfoliators combined with Lotus Seed Extract! Sounds like a power-packed botanical wonder combination, and aromatherapy experience!

Cynthia said...

Wow! This sounds great....and somewhat delicious lol!

Jen said...

I have heard great things about pumpkin facials from the salon I have my hair done at, but at nearly 100 dollars for one 30 minute facial, I have yet to try. It sounds delicious, and perfectly fitting for fall!

Misty said...

Never heard of this and and would love to try it out. It would make my face really smooth and I love the scent of pumpkin.

Snowflake07 said...

I had never tried a "scrub" product until a few months ago. Now I love using them. I've had good results using a scrub with my dry skin. I think it helps my moisturizers work better when I get the dead, dry skin removed in the shower first. Pumpkin is one of my favorite scents, with Cinnamon coming in a close second, so I'm sure I would like this! :-)

scoobybabe2004 said...

I have never heard of this but would love to get it for my mother and i. I will be going and checking it out. I have bad skin and i think this would work great. and i have to smell it i love the smell of pumpkin yummy. Thank you for the review.

Becky said...

Sounds wonderful! Sounds like it would make a lovely fall-themed present for someone special, like my Mum.

Eve said...

I love jojoba. I use the oil in my hair and it makes it soooo soft. i would love to see what it would do on my face, with combination of pumpkin? wow! that sounds great

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