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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Senario Gives New Stretch On Boy's Collectibles

Battle Bands™, a series of flexible, collectible and tradable bands that double as game pieces. Boys ages six and older will have a blast collecting hundreds of different bands in various shapes including dragons, sharks and monsters, each including a matching trading card.

The fun really begins as boys battle their bands against each other on the battle mat gaming piece. Each player takes turns launching their bands at the battle mat. The winner of each battle is based on where the bands land, as well as the band’s individual “strength,” which gives it a particular advantage.

Battle Bands packs include elastic Battle Bands, Warrior Cards and a Battle Mat for game play. With several colors and shapes, each band represents a different level and “power,” making it an exciting game that balances familiarity with strategy. Battle Bands come in four categories – water, earth and fire – each featuring its own power. And, the rare “black band” gives the player the upper hand.