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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

thinkSmart For Wii & DS Review

New thinkSMART Games to Power Up Brains of All Ages

Available For The Nintendo DS And Wii Consoles

The thinkSMART series of inventive and challenging games increase your skills in logical thinking, three dimensional perception, math, memory, language comprehension and much more. Mentor InterActive is introducing a thinkSMART game for every member of the family!

• Kids thinkSMART 8+UP for Nintendo DS (8+ UP): A fun and fast paced collection of stimulating and brain twisting puzzlers that challenge players to improve their brain power.
- Kids can select a boy or girl coach that will guide them through the different levels providing personalized feedback on their progress.
- Single player and Multiplayer Modes including are available to give kids the chance to match with friends and family members to figure out who has the highest “think quotient”!
- Three levels of difficulty and 6 categories of games including language skills, logical thinking, math, memory, reasoning and pattern rec

• thinkSMART for Nintendo DS: Think outside the box and improve your mental fitness! This original brain training program challenges older players thinking skills in an imaginative and creative ways.

- Three levels of difficulty and 6 different training categories including language, memory, mathematics, spatial reasoning, grasp and logic.
- Single card or Multiplayer Modes of play to determine which one of your friends has the highest Think Quotient.

• thinkSMART Family for Wii™: This original brain and physical training program is specially designed for the entire family to play, as each player goes head to head at their own level.

- Helps you develop language, memory, mathematics, spatial reasoning and logic skills in an imaginative and creative way.
- Features Mental and Physical Fitness programs…specially designed for each individual player
- An individual training plan tailored to your previous performance enables you to keep track of your progress.
- Customize your own Avatars and compete against the whole family in Multiplayer Mode to find out who has the highest Think® quotient!

I recieved the Wii verson of this game for my honest review only!


Hbomb said...

this looks fun! we have a wii, and might have to look into this game! i like that it has different subjects.

Sharon said...

I think this is a wonderful idea and I am happy to see this company creating learning products instead of time-wasting games that do nothing to add to acquired, useful knowledge. I especially like that Think Smart covers language skills, logical thinking, math, memory, reasoning and pattern recognition ....all skills that seem to have fallen by the wayside in our public school systems. One can never have too much education/information. And, this looks fun!