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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting Ready For The Holidays: Calorie Count Review

Calorie Count

The holiday season is fast-approaching, and with it comes the temptation to overindulge. From workplace holiday parties to family gatherings, there are tons of ways to accidentally pack on pounds. So, how can one stay on track with diet goals during this time of heavy feasting? Try the simple trick of counting calories, a proven and highly effective way to lose weight.

At, you can find nutritional information on your guiltiest holiday pleasures that will help you pick and choose the ones that will help you most closely stick to your diet goals. In addition, Calorie Count Director of Nutrition Mary Hartley, RD, MPH offers the following five tips to readers seeking to avoid holiday weight gain:
1 pound of fat

1. Don’t say, “It doesn’t matter, I’ll lose weight after the holidays.” One of the biggest keys to dieting success is staying on track.
2. Don’t deprive yourself of treats only available to you during the holiday season, like sticky pudding or pumpkin pie. Just make sure to exercise portion control and taste in moderation.
3. Do keep up your fitness schedule. There’s no better time to ramp up your cardio routine than during the holidays, when you’ll likely need to offset additional calorie intake.
4. Do set boundaries. For instance, alcoholic drinks can be packed with hidden calories. At holiday parties, curb them by exercising a two drink maximum.
5. Don’t arrive at holiday parties hungry. Eat a small, healthy meal in advance so that you’ll be less likely to indulge and make bad food choices once you get there.

Calorie Count App:
The app is a free, downloadable diet tool that allows users to track and manage weight, search and log nutritional data, popular exercises and healthy recipes all while on-the-go ...a time when critical dieting decisions are often made (studies available upon request). Essentially, the Calorie Count App serves as an all-in-one diet coach, nutritionist and workout trainer! The app has been developed in response to overwhelming requests from's site members. The Calorie Count App is available at no cost for both existing and new users through the Apple App Store.

Calorie Count Recipe Analyzer:
The Calorie Count Recipe Analyzer is a free tool that can be accessed on the Calorie Count website, Use it to generate a Nutrition Facts label for one serving of your recipe. Also use it to modify recipes - or portion sizes - to make them healthier. Then add your recipe to your own "My Recipe" file on Calorie Count. If you'd like, you can post your recipe directly to your Facebook page, which is a very nice follow-up for your dinner guests.

The Calorie Count Recipe Analyzer is very easy to use. All you have to do is:
•Find a recipe online from your collection
•Cut-and-paste or type the ingredients into the Recipe Analyzer
•Note the number of servings
•Click "Analyze" to see the Food Label
•(Check for formatting issues and clean up if needed)
•Click "Save", add the Recipe Name, Description and Preparation, and add the recipe with food label to your files

Key Features of
•Personalize Diet and Weight Loss Tools:
•BMI - Body Mass Index Calculator
•Burn Meter - Daily caloric expenditure/target
•Customizable nutrition settings
•Calorie Coach - provides healthy timeframe to reach your goal
•Nutritional Analysis •Detailed nutritional analysis of users' daily food choices
•Logs to track daily caloric intake
•Ability to track users' weight history and activity expenditure
•Nutrition Report - Graphs and charts that show daily nutrition intake and needs
•Food and Recipe Database
•Ability to search food from restaurants, supermarkets, home-cooked meals, and user-submitted recipes
•More than 100,000 searchable items
•Recipe Analyzer
•Instant analysis of a recipe's nutritional information
•Interactive Community •Social networking capabilities include profiles for each member, personal journals, and direct messaging.
•1,900,000+ Calorie Count Members
•Calorie Count Blog •Features daily dieting articles and other helpful health and nutritional information.
•Calorie Count's Director of Nutrition, Mary Hartley, answers users' questions with "Ask Mary"

This website is the best website I have seen to help you do virtually anything you need to do related to dieting or just keeping a healthy weight.


Tamara B. said...

Boy, I love the holidays but tend to go over board with all of the goodies and after the first of the new year I am on a strict diet. Great post and very helpful tips, thank-you for posting!

sunnymum said...

A very helpful resource! I know I look at calories on packaged food, but hardly ever get concerned about recipes I make from scratch--since I do more of that, I should probably pay attention to the calorie count!

ossmcalc said...

I do find the suggestion that you should never go to a party hungry very good. This is a great resource, especially during the holidays.

sodahoney said...

I have been using Calorie count for about 2 yrs. I have a different problem. I workout all the time and need to make sure I get the right nutritional value for my meals. Calorie count does it for me. This is a great tool.

karenb834 said...

I love the holiday too, but I agree. Counting calories and watching what you eat during the Holiday is the best way to maintain your weight.
I myself got away from red meat and eat alot of turkey, so I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.
Try a ground turker burger simmered with a little pinch of mozzarella cheese with salsa, keeps the turkey moist and adds alot of flavor. Happy Holiday Everyone

sohamolina said...

I use CAlorie Count. I love to input y calorie out/in takes and see where I stand for the day.

katklaw777 said...

Great review...very thorough. I like the points you list, especially #2...don't deprive your self just remember portion control. I usually want to eat a lot of my favs because they are seasonal(egg nog) and not around all year. Portion control is good advice, thanks.

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