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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hello Baby: Baby & Nursery Products For Parents Who Care

Hello Baby

Infantino Penguin Bowling

Penguin Bowling from Infantino includes 6 penguin pins with colorful numbered shirts and a plush bowling ball that jingles

Helps teach cause and effect and improves hand eye coordination

Each penguin stands 15cm tall

Age: 6 months +

Perfect for babies learning hand eye coordination! I love the textures & sounds which can be a huge teaching tool for helping young kids learn descriptive words. Also great for learning to count & colors. I know it's hard to see in the above picture but the pengiuns have teething rings located on them. Each shirt has a different number with a different colored shirt.

Hello Baby has everything imaginable for your baby! If you're pregnant they carry some nifty products such as pregnancy pillows among several other items.


sunnymum said...

These penguins are cute! I would probably get tired of setting them up, but I can see how the toy would grow as baby does. Hello Baby has lots of other great toys to choose from too.

*Kim* said...

These are so cute! I like how brightly colored they are to provide visual stimulation for baby, and the ball jingles too. How cute!

The Crocks said...

We have that same exact set for our girls and they love to play with the penguins. My youngest loves to eat the ball. :)

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