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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jarritos Soda Review

Jarritos Soda Review

Jarritos Single serving of Jamaica drink, flavored with hibiscus-like flower from Jarritos. JARRITOS Jarritos was Mexico's first national soft drink in 1950 and is now the best selling Mexican soft drink in the U.S. Jarritos is the best complement to Mexican food because of its nine great tasting and authentically Mexican fruit flavors.The Most Mexican Soft Drink! TAMARINDO OR TAMARIND Cooking and drinking tamarind products have become very popular. The tamarind or tamarindo is a well known ingredient in Thai and Indian recipes, they are also used in Mexico to make aguas frescas and dulces de tamarindo: tamarind drinks, softdrinks and candies. The pods of the tamarind tree, which was brought to Mexico from India, contain large seeds surrounded by a sticky brown pulp, which is sold as tamarind paste for use in Asian cooking. Tamarind pods are sold in bulk and smaller bags catering to Thai, Indian and Latino communities.

I personally did not have each flavor but the kids did. Well I am going to assume they loved it because they sucked each one down without one word. The kids thought it was really cool to drink out of a bottle (I must be old).

The kids loved each flavor but they really liked the Lime for some odd reason. Yes each one does taste fruity & somewhat sweet. If you want something different try out Jarritos! I have also read that you can use the different flavors for cooking!


Hbomb said...

These sounds yummy! I'm a soda addict, so I must try these ;)

Tawnya said...

I love these! One thing I really like is that they are made with sugar rather than high fructose corn syrup!