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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dial Daries: Week 1: Skin Healthy Foods

Week 1: Skin Healthy Foods
They say that you are what you eat, and when it comes to your skin’s health, your food choices can improve your skin’s resilience and clarity, slow the aging process and prevent breakouts. Keeping processed foods to a minimum and focusing on a diet rich in whole foods will help your skin maintain its health. Let’s look at the three major aspects of skin care:
Hydration: To keep your skin from becoming dry, drink lots of water and eat foods like oily fish and flaxseed that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Make sure to include foods fortified with biotin like white meat chicken, eggs and Swiss chard to help your body process those healthy fats.
If you are like me drinking several bottles of water a day is a hard task but it has to be done. The way I can get all my 8 bottles of water down is first thing in the morning before I do anything else is down a bottle of water. I have to have a certain amount with my medicine.
I also take supplements that require a bottle of water with each pill. This equals 6 bottles of water for my supplements. I also chew gum while drinking the water to give it a little flavor. Then my last bottle of water is usually right before bedtime while eating my last snack of the day.
I have heard of the benefits of eating swiss so I try to eat swiss when I can. I love to eat chicken sandwiches with swiss or even baked chicken with swiss. Of course I only eat boneless, skinless chicken which can be made several different ways. I will also trade out the cheddar cheese for some swiss. Eggs are usually incorporated into my diet through different recipes but we will occasionally have eggs.
Blemish fighters: To fight breakouts, make sure to follow a proper skin care regimen, and include foods rich in zinc like vegetarian baked beans, garbanzo beans and pumpkin seeds.
This is a hard one for me since I don't care much for beans. But becuase of the diet we try to follow we eat a ton of red beans & rice for dinner or lunch. So I think this counts for the beans portions. If you have ever noticed some certain skin care products to help fight breakouts, they have the ingredient zinc. Beans are all around good for your health so this is a perfect choice of food especially when trying to lose weight.
Another way to get around my dislike of beans is bean dip which can actually be really yummy if made the right way.
Anti-aging: Commit to regular use of a broad spectrum SPF, and add vitamin E to your daily diet to prevent skin damage and wrinkles. Foods enriched with Vitamin E include tuna and fortified cereals. Dark chocolate, tea and watermelon contain compounds that will also help you fight skin damage.
We eat cereal almost every morning for breakfast but now I am checking the different cereals to make sure they are fortified with vitamin E. I also eat dry cereal for a snack during the day. Watermelon is always a hit for snacking especially during the summer months. Below is a short list of foods that I enjoy & eat with the all important vitamin!
Here are some examples of the different foods that contain Vit. E
Cereals with fortified E
•Total Raisin Bran cereal
•Product 19 cereal
•Special K cereal

Good sources of vitamin E:

•Sunflower seeds
•Vegetable oil
•Tomatoes and tomato products
•Mixed nuts
•Carrot juice
•Sweet potatoes
•Peter Pan Plus peanut butter

So to sum it up a few healthy food changes can make a huge inpact on the appearance of your skin. Remember also that your skin is an organ that needs care just like your other organs. Plus, the skin is the first line of defense against diseases, sickness etc. So this makes the intregrity of skin extremely important.

Also don't forget to watch your portions :)


Kristie said...

Thanks for the tips! I don't tend to think about the way I eat affecting my skin, so it's neat to see what foods are good for your skin :-)

Tatum said...

I guess it's true when they say "you are what you eat". But people tend to forget that the skin is an organ that needs some TLC. So we also need be skin heathy just like heart healthy etc. I am so happy that Dial is giving skin the appropriate recognition to show how important skin care really can be.

Becky said...

Thank you for all the great information! I've always had issues with my skin (is very dry, sensitive and I suffer from atopic dermatitis) so I'm always keen to learn more. I especially try to help nourish my skin from inside by getting lots of good fats.

Tatum said...

You're very welcome Becky :) I have the same dry issues & it really hurts when it gets bad..So hopefully all these amazing tips will help..

katklaw777 said...

Great post...I did not know about swiss cheese. It is not my fav but I do like it melted on open-faced sandwiches.
I also appreciate the Good sources of vitamin E list. I know I need to incorporate more of these healthy foods into my diet, thanks.

Tawnya said...

I really need to eat better! Thank you for the tips!

hendy said...

I notice a huge difference in my skin when I drink water. My doctor told me that I can not lose weight/fat if I don't drink a lot of water each day and when I made a concerted effort to do that I saw great results (it's continuing that is the problem).

Jendi said...

Hello! I'm trying to meet all 99 other Healthier You Members and make a list. So nice to meet you. :) Have a great day!

Tatum said...

I know water is really hard for me to "just Drink" so I chew gum along withe water to gum make it better. But I do not like flavored water to drink all day long!

deb126 said...

Wow its so hard to keep all those factors in mind when planning your daily meals, I tend to eat only when I am hungry and often times I'll choose something quick because I dont feel like waiting to cook something so that means I make the wrong choices, I do drink water, as much as I possibly can but then I spend the day in the bathroom so that gets frustrating and I am not really into eating breakfast and because I get up so early, (before 4 am) I start getting hungry about 11 then I'll grab something handy, I know thats wrong and I should plan ahead for those hunger pains that I know will start, I do cook mostly from scratch for our meals so I can control sodium & fats which I hope is helping us, I appreciate your tips on the vitamin E rich foods, I Know those are important for many things besides anti aging and I really need to start focusing more on myself and my health because I am getting older and the longer I wait to get started the harder it is to correct bad habits,We do take supplements and try to eat more chicken over red meat and sometimes do no meat meals, being healthy is a huge advantage when it comes to everything you do and how you look & I really dont want to get wrinkled before my time so I use Sunscreen daily under my makeup and in my makeup & avoid the sun as much as I can. For the most part, I need to stop procrastinating and get more proactive about our food choices, & getting in some form of exercising everyday, Thanks for the encouragement to get started.