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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dial Diaries: Dial Healthier You Skin Nutrition 101 What Causes Dry Skin?

What Causes Dry Skin?

So if you are like me you know one cause of Dry Skin = Cold Weather. I know when the cold rolls around it's a never ending battle fighting the effects of the weather. The dryness of my skin leads to cracking which if not properly taken care of can lead to bleeding. As of right now my skin feels & looks like alligator skin.
One way to battle these effect of the weather is to run a humidifier which can work wonders. But one old way used by my grandparents was setting pots of water on the heating vents. Does it work I'm not quite sure but I know my grandma continues to use this method even in her 80's.
Here is some information from the Dial Nutriskin website that outlines several different causes of Dry Skin

Winter Weather
In cold winter weather, water freezes instead of evaporating into the air, which means there's less moisture in the air for our skin to absorb naturally. Try setting up a humidifier in your bedroom to moisturize skin naturally while you sleep.

I would also like to mention that a humidifier has several more uses to help keep your family healthy throughout the cold months.

Poor DietHaving a diet that lacks essential vitamins and minerals can dry out your skin. Make sure you're getting enough Vitamin A in the form of low-fat dairy products like yogurt, skin cell-protecting antioxidants like blackberries and plums and essential fatty acids like salmon, walnuts and canola oil, which can help skin cell barriers lock in moisture.

I knew nutrition has a role in how your skin looks but there are so many levels/roles that play a part in healthier skin.

Bathing and showeringBelieve it or not, the hot water in your morning shower actually wicks out the natural moisturizing factor in your skin. We don't recommend skipping your shower, but you should consider a moisturizing body wash like Dial® NutriSkin with Fruit Oil™ brand.

So what do we do when it starts to get cold outside? We turn up the temperature of the water to nice steamy levels in our showers or baths. I know how good it feels with hot water running over but this leads to problems. As suggested use Dial® NutriSkin with Fruit Oil™ to help combat the effects of the hot water.

SwimmingThe chlorine in pools contains chemicals that can dry out skin. Take a quick shower after swimming to wash away the chlorine, and keep skin moisturized with a body wash like Dial® NutriSkin with Fruit Oil™ brand.

I really had no idea that chlorine could dry out my skin. I always shower after getting out of the pool because the smell of chlorine is gross plus I feel dirty.

Doing laundryThere's no smell quite like laundry fresh out of the dryer… but the heat can dry out your hands! Fortunately, there's an easy solution: just give laundry a few minutes to cool before you fold.

Here is another tip I had no clue about. Easy enough to just wait for the clothes to dry :)

Another tip I am sure most of you know of is moisturizing after washing your hands. I know drying & cracking of the hands is a huge problem among medical workers. If you work in the hospital on a floor the first thing you do when you get to work is scrub your hands for a certain amount of minutes. Then before you enter a room you wash your hands, maybe a few times while you're in the room & then before you leave.

Even as a new mother up until the end of diapers we are constantly washing our hands. This never ending task can lead to cracked & dry hands if not properly taken care of.

All opinions are solely mine & I was not compensated for this post. I did receive a product(s) to properly conduct a review. Most information can be found at


kmogilevski said...

The pots of water sound like they're worth a try, at least they would cost less than a humidifier. I have started showering less and I'm curious if my skin will be as dry during the upcoming winter months.

Tatum said...

I tried it when my youngest was a baby because he had really dry skin..My skin was less dry than the normal winter weather dry skin. We can't do it now because our vents are up high on the walls in our house.

Becky said...

I struggle with very dry and sensitive skin year round, and also have atopic dermatitis, which gets especially bad in the winter. I'm very thankful for you sharing these tips! I try to only shower ever other day to protect my skin, and bath oils are definitely a great help. I also find it helps me to use a proper cream or very intensive lotion after every shower, and preferably every day. I often have to do it twice a day!

Tawnya said...

I pull out the humidifier when the kids are sick, but I never thought of using it for dry skin! My skin is really drying out with the weather change so I will try it out!

Penny W said...

The pots on the vents will put some humidity in the air, but not a lot. It's basically a cool mist evaporative humidifier without the wick.

pmernick said...

I was just complaining about my dry skin to my doctor and she, also, mentioned using a humidifier. I didn't know about the chlorine being drying!

Shannon Foster said...

I never even thought about the dryer thing, I always grab the laundry out when it's hot.