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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dial Diaries: Dial NutriSkin With Fruit Oil Ultra Hydrating Body Wash Review

A fresh twist on Moisture
Who says moisture has to be creamy

A fresh twist on moisture: Say goodbye to creamy moisturizers and cover your skin in a refreshingly light, fantastically effective moisturizing formula. Dial® NutriSkin with Fruit Oil™ body wash is infused with micro-beads of ultra-hydrating, yet naturally light fruit oil.
So far I love the new scent & feel of this body wash. The scent reminds me of a much more expensive brand but better smelling. I have always been a fan of Dial body wash but now I am a loyal follower. You know how some body washes leave you with that soapy scummy feeling (which drives me crazy). This has absolutely no after soapy feeling but does leave a nice hint of something wonderful.
Dial also carries this awesome scent in Antibacterial Hand Soap with Moisturizer! I love that the hand soap has moisturizer & this is definitely something I will have to try out!

The first with hydrating fruit oil cares for your hands completely, with a refreshing combination of succulent, soothing cherry seed oil and cleansing mint. Its creamy, antioxidant lather provides moisture protection that feels light and smells minty fresh.

I also wanted to mention that my skin was really dry to the point of cracking before using Dial Body Wash. After a few uses (actually one use) the dryness has been relieved & my skin is silky smooth. You have to try it for yourself to see how wonderful this product actually works.

My hands really get bad after washing them all day long. So I decided to use the Dial Body Wash to see if they would stay moisturized & hopefully back to normal skin. My skin has stayed silky smooth & with no irratation what so ever.

All opinions are solely mine & I was not compensated for this post. I did receive a product(s) to properly conduct a review. Most information can be found at


Ferret Finds said...

Is the scent from natural oils or is it chemical fragrance?

lbaran. pcs@Gmail. com

Tawnya said...

It sounds so nice! I will also have to try the Antibacterial Hand Soap with Moisturizer! I absolutely have to have moisturizer in my hand wash especially this time of year!

Tatum said...

I will get the answer to your question..

It's so nice to have that extra help inside the hand wash itself plus the scent is awesome :)

katklaw777 said...

I use Dials antibacterial soap now. I'd like to try the Dial® NutriSkin with Fruit Oil™ body wash is infused with micro-beads of ultra-hydrating, yet naturally light fruit oil. It sounds wonderful...thanks for the review.

hendy said...

I have really dry skin so this product sounds awesome, to tell you the truth I always associate Dial with hand soap so the fact the body wash works so great is new to me. Thanks for the review, I need to restore my skin to that silky feel.

MisAdventuresofMomof3 said...

Hello my fellow Dial friend! My skin was so dry but this body wash is FANTASTIC! I'm loving it!

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