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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Dial Diaries: On-the-Go Snacking

On-the-Go Snacking

So if you are like me snacking on the go can easily turn into way too many calories & unhealthy food choices. My new found technique of turning on the go snacking into a more healthier experience are baggies or an isultated container. Yep, I make sure I have all the healthy snacks available in my house for either staying at home or on the go. I try to stay between 100-150 calories for my daily snacks which includes dry cereal, pretzels with low-fat Greek yogurt ( I found the best greek yogurt dip ever & yes it's a dip), fruit & or yogurt that has dark chocolate in it (it goes a little above the calories). Plus every once in awhile I will eat some string cheese which we love!

When you are thinking "snack" remember to try and target between 100-150 calories.  Always try to include a bit of protein, healthy fat and whole grains in the snack, so that it is balanced and provides satiation without causing your blood sugar to spike dramatically and then crash.
• Make a healthy trail mix by combining measured amounts of whole grain cereal, nuts and some dried fruit or fresh fruit

• Try a small whole grain waffle with a teaspoon of peanut butter and a few banana slices
• Another choice is a low-fat Greek yogurt (or plain, unsweetened yogurt) and some berries
• Try a small pepper filled with low-fat cottage cheese or 3 ounces of water packed tuna
• Have half a whole grain English Muffin with melted low fat cheese and a bit of tomato sauce
• Finally, a fresh piece of fruit (I call it fast food because it's a grab-and-go food) and cup of skim milk

All of these snacks can all help you to have that "bridge" we call a snack 'til your next meal.

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Kristie said...

I like that you try to stay around 100 calories for your snacks-I need to do that! I'll have to try a couple of these-I think the kids would even enjoy them! :-)

Tatum said...

I was amazed by how many extra calories i was consuming in my snacks. By cutting out calories with snacking it adds up. Plus, the right snacking can lead to better skin makes it better :)

A (Daily) Woman said...

very nice! I am in the car alot and usually find myself pulling into McDonalds which is a bad idea, I think I will try this idea. I love almonds and other nuts so maybe I will fill some baggies up. I need some good ideas for kids cause they have a problem with snacking too.

Tatum said...

Oh you just mentioned my weakness McDonalds Fries. I love fries esp. from McDonalds..So I now treat myself & family to McDonalds once every 2 weeks. I get the Chicken Nuggets Happy Meals..It's so bad but so good :)

But snacking on the go has to be planned out for me because if I don't everything is out the window (or in the window for drive thru)..

Haven said...

Never though of the waffle snack. Definitely some good ideas here. :)

katklaw777 said...

I like your new found technique of turning on the go snacking into a more healthier by making up portion control bags and containers. I tend to grab the whole box!
Great and helpful post, thanks.

Penny W said...

There are a lot of Etsy shops that sell reusable snack bags. Having a pretty bag makes the snack feel more of a treat.

Tatum said...

Ya I tend to grab the whole box myself that's why I always have my bags out

hendy said...

Snacking is such a pit fall for me, I think the best advise is to keep it in that 100-150 calorie range because once you start getting higher it doesn't become a snack anymore but a meal. Sometime writing down just my snacks throughout the day can help me.

Tawnya said...

I always have dry cereal and fruit on hand for my toddler and then end up grabbing fast food for myself. Reading this post makes me realize I need to eat more like my toddler!

Tatum said...

I have got into a routine of eating around the 100-150 range for snacks. At first it was hard because I was starving but it gets easier as I go. Now if i get out of my routine I feel off & my whole eating schedule is messed up.

Maybe your right Tawnya we should eat like toddlers. I use to do the same thing with drive thrus which are so easy & tempting.

Romapr said...

Snacking can led me into trouble. It is so easy to overeat a portion without even thinking about it. I like the idea of these "bridge" foods so that we eat healthy in between meals. I make my biggest food mistakes when I am out and get hungry and have no healthy snacks. I try to keep a healthy granola bar on hand so I am not tempted to eat bad. This has helped me but I still make mistakes.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Great advice! I'm always looking for new tips. I'm trying to loose a little extra weight for my upcoming wedding. I love to snack, but need to do so without overdoing it. Thanks!

LAMusing said...

I love low fat Greek yogurt with fruit - or a drizzle of honey and a few walnuts. It's healthy and satisfying!

Shannon Foster said...

Love these ideas...thanks so much.