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Saturday, November 13, 2010

CLOSED: Getting Ready For The Holidays: Computer Glasses Giveaway

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About Computer Eyed
Just like you we were suffering from the headaches, irritated eyes,aches and pains that come from viewing a computer for long periods of time without the proper vision correction. When we finally went to an eye professional to get the proper correction, the prescription lens and frame cost us over $200.00. We were not alone. Lots of our friends and co-workers had the same vision needs and were complaining about the cost of custom made eyeglasses.

There had to be a better way, so we teamed up with an eye professional and an international eyewear manufacturer, to create Computer Eyed, the optical quality, stylish, affordable ready made computer reading eyeglasses that prevents the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS) We want everyone to be able to benefit from the use of our computer readers, not just those with a good insurance policy or big bank account. Our mission is to stop the irritated eyes, headaches, neck and upper back pain that comes from using your computer without the proper vision correction. Computer Eyed computer readers are the optical quality, stylish,and affordable way to do this.

How Computer Eyed 2 Power Glasses Can Help You

- Eliminates eyestrain,neck and back pain associated with computer use
- Reduces computer glare
- Prevents Computer Vision Syndrome
- Optical quality lens that corrects reading(close) and computer(intermediate) vision
- Affordable high quality eyeglasses
- Convenience, one pair of eyeglasses that solves 2 vision problems

To help you select your reading power (close vision) for your Computer Eyed 2 power eyeglasses they have included a cool chart on their webiste.
Around age 40 vision starts to deteriorate, and some type of vision correction is required, but at any age computer viewers can experience visual discomfort from the artifical light that is emitted from the typical computer/digital device

Computer Eyed's optical quality computer readers were optically designed to prevent the irritated, tired eyes, upper back and neck pain that is associated with Computer Vision Syndrome. Our ready made computer readers are optical quality, affordable option(less than $40.00) that is fashionable, and prevents the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome. Similar custom made computer eyeglasses can retail for hundreds of dollars.

One lucky person will win a pair of Computer Glasses!
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Open to US residents only & must 18 years old at the time of entry. Giveaway will end on Nov. 27th @ 11:59 pm EST & a winner will be chosen by I will email the winner & the winner will have 72 hours to respond before choosing another winner. I received free samples to properly conduct this review & the opinions of this product are solely mine.

Thank You for entering my Giveaway!!! By your Support of Entering & Commenting I am able to bring you Great Products....I read every Comment & truly enjoy reading your thoughts about a product. I especially love when you make me laugh.