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Saturday, November 6, 2010

CLOED: Getting Ready For The Holidays: Part Of My Grand Prize: Diva Girl Games My Grand Prize Review

Part of My "Getting Ready For The Holidays" Grand Prize

Diva Girl

DivaGirl is not just a card game; it’s an event party! Dress up in your favorite Diva wear and get ready for an evening of fun, food and gifts!!!! Each card in this game shows something every Diva loves- Champagne, diamonds, facials, red lipstick, tropical vacations and more!

The game is easy to play. As the dealer shows a card, the Diva with the matching card turns it over. The first Diva to turn all of her cards over wins the round.

Each Diva brings a wrapped “Diva” gift to the party.

The winner of each round wins a gift.

So ladies, get out your boas, marabou slippers, tiaras and lounging pajamas and get ready for a fun girlfriend night.

This game fits everyone’s budget because the hostess picks the price range her guests will spend on the Diva gifts.
Setting the Mood

Divas, We are all about having fun, aren’t we?

We want our Divas in a great mood when they make their entrance. We play Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” on a CD player in the front yard. Who can resist dancing in with that song playing? Have another favorite song? Play it! We also have an assortment of boas for our Divas to wear.
We watch for sales, especially at Halloween, to buy the boas. You can get some great deals during the holiday season or using store coupons.

Again, share your boas and decorations with your friends as they have parties too and everyone can add to help keep the cost down.
Make sure the champagne is chilled and ready to be poured!

This is one game that has endless possibilities for any personality. Want something different for the girl’s night out or perhaps a Bachelorette Party? Below is one example of a Diva Girl Party!

Bachelorette Party

A wedding is about memories so with DivaGirl all of the bridesmaids can make this party,a girl’s night out your Bride won’t stop talking about.

Remember its’ all about the bride, girls. Dress her up in a tiara and pick her favorite color boa. Serve her favorite appetizers or even a light dinner and of course pop the bubbly to celebrate. To keep the cost down and the fun up all the Diva Bridesmaids can share in the cost.

The Diva Girl Website also have a really cool Party Planning ideas!

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