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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting Ready For The Holidays: eBeanStalk I Spy Travel Edition Review

There are so many toys out there and ebeanstalk knows how overwhelming it can be to sort through all of them! They have a team of child experts that have already done most of the work for us! They've gone through millions of toys and picked out the most fun kids toys, toys for 2 year olds, toys for 3 year olds, toys for 4 year olds, and all other ages too! These experts have matched each toy to the specific age of your child, so you know that your child is getting the most out of playtime!

Looking for a great site for the perfect toy for any child? We had a chance to review the below I Spy Game which was so fun for both the kids & us adults. This game is engaging which leads to many different learning areas. A game such as this can also be used for any level, such as asking what certain obejects' names are to making it harder for the older kids. This game has endless possibilities & would make a great stocking stuffer!
The favorite I Spy Memory Game becomes mobile with I Spy Travel Edition Game from Briarpatch. Now memory challenges can happen anywhere with this handy travel edition, featuring the same mind-bending entertainment but with all new memory cards for more matching fun! I Spy Travel Edition Game from Briarpatch also includes 5 new riddles to puzzle the mind! Set includes 20 memory cards and 5 riddle cards.

Features and Skills

- Your child will improve their visual scanning and matching skills all at once.
- A fun game to learn letter-sound association and early reading skills.
- When the game is all finished, you can use the pictures to make up ‘alphabet’ stories. (For example: use all the F words – “Five fish were swimming in the ocean. They bumped into a sad frog……”)
- While your child is having a great time, they are also working on visual scanning and manual dexterity.


Kristie said...

The kids and I have been playing I Spy with colors lately and I can imagine they'd love a whole BIG game with it!! Very fun!