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Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Had A Fuzzoodles House Party!

Fuzzoodles combines colorful, bendable & Big fuzzy noodles - Fuzzoodles - with wacky features like crazy eyes & toothy smiles, along with cool accessories such as a bowtie & a purse. Kids will have a blast putting them all together to create a cast of adorable, fluffy Fuzzoodles characters. These characters can stand alone as playthings, or kids can make them into bracelets, decorate pens & headphones with them, and much more. All of the accessories are interchangeable & the design possibilities are limitless. Since no two creations are quite the same, kids can make oodles of reusable Fuzzoodles! The end result: the coolest, custom-made characters on the block!

I had a chance to host a Fuzzoodles party which was incredibly fun! The kids were able to use their creativity to build their own unique characters as shown below in the pictures. The children were really able to use their imagination and had fun making decisions as to what they wanted their character to look like. As I stated above the possibilities are endless & no 2 children had the same character.

Since we were working with 4 & 5 year old some assistance was needed when making their characters. But the kids soon got the hang of it & started making their own little guys & girls. My favorite feature is that Fuzzoodles can be used over & over making every character different. Bringing imagination to children can have several positive outcomes.


Angie said...

Those look like a lot of fun!! They kind of look like oversized fuzzy pipe cleaners!

Tatum said...

The kids had so much fun & the best part no 2 looked alike. Exactly thats what they look like oversized pipe cleaners..We had a few teachers actually go out & buy their own kids some for christmas.

Kristie said...

I can imagine my kiddos having a blast creating some goofy looking characters!! What a neat product!

kmogilevski said...

My 3 year old twin nieces would love these!

Kim Phan said...

lol. cute!!! my little cousins would be putting all those stuff in their mouths!:P teething time!

Haven said...

Omgosh these little guys are so adorable! Love them.

Danielle said...

These look like fun!

Tawnya said...

How cute! It looks like so much fun. I think my son would love them!