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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ceiva Pro80 Digital Picture Frame Review

Ceiva Pro80
More Than Just A Digital Picture Frame

This holiday season, do something magically different for the ones that mean the most to you in your life! Give the gift that will keep you connected to them beyond the season's festivities. CEIVA®, the inventor of the connected digital photo frame, has an innovative way to share photos with family and friends – automatically. Start your own community of connected photo sharing frames amongst friends and family with CEIVA Digital Photo Frames. It’s the "picture perfect" gift for the holidays this year!

CEIVA Digital Photo Frames™ are the world’s only connected digital frames, renowned for their ease of use and unique patented technology. CEIVA® offers endless options to see, share and store photos in a revolutionary new way.


Designed for photo enthusiasts who want more ways to access their entire collection, the CEIVA Pro 80 offers built-in Media Server connectivity to let you stream photos instantly over your home wireless network. You can also connect over Wi-Fi or phone line (broadband adapter also available) for new photos sent directly from friends and family located anywhere in the world. Featuring a high-res 8" display, memory card reader, intuitive on-screen menus and interchangeable faceplates to suit any home or office setting, the CEIVA Pro 80 is far different from any ordinary digital photo frame.

PicturePlan. The magic behind the CEIVA experience.
CEIVA PicturePlan membership provides a revolutionary way to enjoy your most cherished memories from your own photo library, as well as from your entire family and all your friends. Every morning, you wake up to an automatic display of photos - and you don't have to do a thing! That's the magic of CEIVA. Starting as low as $6.95 per month, every PicturePlan member gains access to these unmatched features and services:

- Securely share photos on a network of frames
- Share with one person or all with a single click
- Create groups, invite friends to send photos as guests
- Receive photos via online account, email or camera phone

- Add decorative borders, personalized messages and artwork
- Send customized photo greetings and holiday cards
- Send photos, cards and greetings to arrive on any day you choose
- Add weather, news, sports, horoscopes and dozens of other Channels™ for daily delivery

- PicturePlan Lifetime Warranty (If it breaks, we fix it)
- Secure website for unlimited photo storage
- Free and automatic software upgrades
- Constant virus protection updates
- Live U.S.-based Customer Care support
- Spam filtration technology
How it Works
CEIVA Pro 80 Digital Photo Frames require PicturePlan photo delivery service to receive photos from friends and family, and display media server and memory card photos. CEIVA Wireless™ Adapter (included) is necessary to access photos via media server from a home network. CEIVA Pro 80 can connect using an ordinary phone line, Wi-Fi (included) or optional broadband and dials a local number each night to check for new photos from family and friends. There is no additional phone line needed, no interruption to the existing phone service and no charge for the call. Every morning new photos appear — automatically.

Product Features
The CEIVA Pro 80 Digital Photo Frame Features:
- Daily automatic display of 60 new photos from friends and family with every PicturePlan update - you don't have to do a thing.
- Supports Media Server connection over a home wireless network; stream photos directly from your Mac or PC to enjoy on your frame.
- Uses built-in memory card reader to see all your photos from a camera memory card.
- Send photos from Facebook, Picasa, iPhone, iPhoto, email, or camera phone with CEIVA Sender™ and CEIVAmobile™ plugins and software.
- PicturePlan® photo delivery service required - frame comes bundled with one year
- Connects through Wi-Fi or ordinary phone line; you don't even need a computer to receive photos from friends and family. (Broadband adapter also available.)
- Free invitations for guests to send photos from anywhere in the world
- Unlimited photo storage and customization on, including channel selections (news, weather, calendar, sports & more), photo editing applications and greeting cards.
- Uses CEIVA True-to-Photo™ image and color-enhancing technology for optimal photo display quality - no cropping, squishing or stretching.
- Comes with interchangeable black and wood finishes to match any décor; custom skin designs optional via
- High-resolution, TFT-LCD Active Matrix screen, viewable from virtually every angle
- Easy-to-use on-screen menu to control display modes, rotation and deletion, slideshow transition and timing, screen on and off times and more.

My thoughts on Ceiva
I already own a digital picture frame which was fairly expensive so I (well I thought) knew what to expect. For the price this frame blows any other frame of the same price out of the water. Just the resolution of the pictures are absolutely great.

The features are amazing & really fun to play with. As long as you read the directions & go by the website the frame is fairly easy. The ease of use is great for the amount of different features you can utilize is one of the best features.

I think of this picture frame as a safe way to share with family & friends without the hassle of websites storing your photos. You can share your photos while on vacation, from birthday parties or any other special event. This would be a perfect gift for my grandma who has family all over the country. How special would that be for her to get a few new photos of family during the day. Ceiva is by invitation only so you know exactly who & what is on your frame!

Don't forget that you can also get the local or world weather on your frame! You can get up to the next 3 days of weather delivered right to you!

You can also personalize your frame to your taste or for just something different with different skins. You can choose from over 1,000 different skins to match your personality! This includes sports, Disney, seasonal or entertainment to name a few. The skins are vinyl which makes applying & removing fairly simple.

A perfect affordable gift for almost anyone! Plus a great gift for family members to keep in touch & to also keep them close!


heartnsoulcooking said...

This does make the perfect affordable gift for almost anyone! My daughter-in-law would LOVE!!! it.

pmernick said...

I gave my in-laws a digital photo frame last Christmas and they loved it! The frames make great gifts for hard-to-buy for people. The Ceiva sounds way easier to use than the one I bought...
PMNSL95 at triad dot rr dot com

Penny W said...

How cool would it be to be a grandmother with this frame and have pictures of your grandkids appear magically when you aren't expecting them?

Jeanie said...

I definitely like the idea about this frame where it is connected to the internet and new photos could be streamed to it at anytime. This would make a great gift for my mom! She's not tech savvy but she loves looking at pictures of her grandkids!

Nicole-Lynn said...

That is so neat! It'd be great to have at the office or at home.

Shannon Foster said...

This is so much more attractive than other digital frames I've seen

Tawnya said...

Wow! I would never have thought of instant streaming to a digital photo frame! I really like the idea of the changing skins too!

cstironkat said...

Thank you for your review, I will be getting my dad and father-in-law these as gifts. I was so stuck about what to get them, but this would be perfect for both of them.

Gianna said...

This would be perfect for both sets of grandparents since they live far away.

Kellie Conklin said...

Thank for the review, this looks like an awesome product! I can see it being perfect for my Grandma since multiple users can send photos and you can choose who you share with! I also like that you can create and send cards using the Ceiva Digital Frame!

Deb K said...

Great review~I have been looking for a digital frame for my daughter as she lives far away!

deanna said...

This is on my Christmas list this year for sure!

anash said...

thanks- this photo fram is one of a kind and i think it will fit my room decor@
anashct at yahoo dot com

Aileen said...

This would be a nice gift for Father's Day for my husband's desk at his office.
arobimom at gmail dot com

sueparks2003 said...

Quit teasing me. I'm not reading anymore reviews (pout.) And I know slickness you have one of these! They are such a wonderful idea. You did great again! I could see my grandchildren the minute well the day after pictures were taken but they live not far away so I won't guilt you anymore. I know what to tell my daughter and sil to get me for Mother's day. The best part is the person sending pic's doesn't have to have it too. Anyone with internet can send them. <3 it.