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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dial Diaries: Positive Changes For The Past 2 Weeks

Positive Changes For The Past 2 Weeks

1) On-the-Go Snacking

I love low fat Greek Yogurt with pretzels. Now of course I limit myself to between 100-150 calories. This is the perfect snack for on the go or at home. The kids also love this snack so it's a win win for everyone.

Another healthy snack I love is my Cereal in a bag for on the go snacking

My favorite fruit snack is green apples which are yummmy especially on a hot day! I love the skin which tastes better for some reason on granny smiths

These are just some of the healthy snacking choices I have made since starting my Dial Challenge!

2) Overall Diet Change

My first biggy for overall change is drinking more water which has proven to be my biggest challenge so far. I am doing good but my problem is forgetting to drink my water & take my vitamins. So I have started to schedule the times for drinking the water which is the only way to remember! I have overcome my dislike of water by chewing flavored gum while downing the water as quickly as possible. You know it has become easier as the weeks go by & I feel better from just drinking water. I have begun to refill my water bottles since I am going through so many. I also wanted to mention I start out by only drinking 4 a day & I am now up to 12 bottles. Trust me once you start it just gets easier.

Of course we eat red beans & rice like it's going out of style. I personally can't stand it but I eat it anyways. I will eat about 3/4 of a cup a day with dinner usually. Remember beans are a good source of Zinc which helps fight Blemishes! The rest of my family loves baked beans (vegetarian of course) so we have this with meals also.

So for my Vitamin E a big source in my diet is broccoli & cereals. Since everyone in my family loves broccoli this can be easily incorporated into almost every dinner meal. We also love green beans for a side dish at dinner. I try to eat a salad every day with green leafy lettuce & tomatoes. These are all sources of Vitamin E which fights against Aging.

Of course these are just some of the diet changes I have made so far! I have even lost a few pounds during the last 2 weeks

3) Exercising
Ok so this didn't go as planned because of the weather. I usually start off walking but there was no way with all the snow & below 20 degree temperature. So we have been working out in the house. For 3 days a week we have played Just Dance on the Wii. Not only is this game really fun it gets your heart rate up & you will be soaked. You can play to your ability level which is awesome in my book. For the other 3 days we rotate between Wii fit & exercise DVDs. I like variety since I can get bored very easily plus these games are extremely fun. What I like about the Wii games is that it doesn't seem like exercise because it's so fun.

4) Using Dial NutriSkin With Fruit Oil Ultra Hydrating Body Wash

I love everything about my new body wash. The scent is awesome & of course the non-drying effect it has on my skin is priceless. I also wanted to mention that a small amount is needed since the lather is really good.

This is the humidifer that we currently are running downstairs. I also have another one I run at night upstairs while we sleep. We can tell the difference only after running it for almost 2 weeks now.

I will post later this week with more positive changes thanks to the great advice from Dial Healthier You & Amy!


Shannon Foster said...

I totally agree the Granny smiths have the best skin!! I totally need to get a humidifier going, our wood stove is drying everything out including my skin.

Deb K said...

I agree with you on the humidifier as I have almost the same one and it really does make a difference!

Pamela S said...

The snacking on the go suggestions are great. Especially the greek yogurt. Thanks so much! pamelashockley(AT)aol(DOT)com