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Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Web RC Iron-Eagle Helicopter Review

We had a chance to review (play) with the above Helicopter which was totally cool by the way. At first we were kind of scared we would wreck the helicopter. It looks like it's fragile & can't take much wrecking but it did great for 2 novice flying helicopter people like us. Ok I admit I was too afraid of crashing so I did not play with the helicopter I was a bystander.

It only took Tim a few minutes to get the feel of the controller & then he did get it(except for the landing). But all in all this toy is so fun & made the kids laugh because of the silliness involved in flying. This little guy is so much fun & guaranteed loads of fun for several hours not only flying but also through the virtual world. We didn't let our kids fly it because they are too young.

Below is all the information about the Iron Eagle. Plus, a cool feature is the My Web RC which allows a new virtual world for tons of fun! The new 3 channel helicopter from My Web RC is the most stable toy helicopter out on the market today. It includes a game webCard to unlock a virtual RC toy & webCash at , ultra durable structure with metal fuselage, built-in GYRO for ultimate control, usb charging cable, extra tail blade, & a controller that doubles up as a charger.

About My Web RC
All My Web RC toys come with a webCard. The Cards include a secret-code that can be used to unlock a virtual RC & webCash to play at The Game has high-quality 3d graphics, multiple levels, mini-games, different vehicles, trophies/medals, world-wide rankings, & more!

This is a gift not only good for kids but big kids also. Every single minute while playing is enjoyable & fun. The below video gives you a feel for the Iron Eagle!