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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Parents with Disabilities

One important thing I would love to focus on with this section of my blog is vacationing and the accommodations. I would love to hear from you about the positive experiences you have had while vacationing. From my experience, while searching the internet, there are not enough places that focus on the great places that give consideration to people who have disabilities. I would love to hear from you.

I will also be posting about life and parenting with disabilities.

I hope you enjoy and please don’t feel shy to post. I love reading about people and their views on life.

Hooked On Phonics Review

If you are like me and have no clue how to teach your children the fundamentals of learning, I have the perfect product for you. My goals are to teach my son and not just let the school/teacher teach him. I want to be involved and hopefully influence a love of learning. I could be a career college student because I love school so much. When I look at my son, the blank canvas I had no clue and no idea where to start. I always wanted thing to be a certain way when I had kids but you have to have the tools for them to be the way you want them.