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Friday, February 26, 2010


I recently watched the movie Avatar without really realizing all of the hype surrounding it the years before it was released in theaters. Plus, when it was finally released and was the #1 movie in the world I still didn't even pay attention because of my misunderstanding of the movie. Avatar was created and imagined through the eyes of Oscar winning director James Cameron.

My Life with MS

For those who may not know MS is Multiple Sclerosis. This lovely disease in simpler terms is a disease that destroys the pathways of communication on the spinal cord and brain. Lesions are formed and the results are several different symptoms. With MS, the body’s own immune system is attacking our normal tissue. MS is the leading disabling neurological disease in the US & the cause is still unknown and as of this time, there is no cure.

Celebrity Fit Club

This episode, in my opinion, is leading up to something big as you could tell in the upcoming show previews. I just don’t understand why anyone would go on a show, knowing its weight lost program and blatantly ignore the program? If someone said here are all these experts and you can lose weight if you listen to what they tell you, I would listen to every single word. These people are given tools that some of us are never given. It’s beyond me and I really don’t understand why it’s so hard to listen? Plus, hello you signed up for weight lose show so if you’re not going to obey the rules what’s the point. Do they really want to lose weight or are they doing it for the exposure the show brought?

One question I would love the answer to is why they have alcohol at the boot camp?