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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fisher Price Smart Cycle Extreme Review

When I was first told about the Extreme Cycle I was hesitant to think a 4 year old could really learn how to control the game yet alone understand how it worked. Could it really teach my child to improve on the skills he already had? The only positive first impression was that it would be good for exercising during the winter months. Not only did my son learn how to operate it fairly easy, he enjoyed (yes enjoyed) the physical activity that went along with playing the games.

Mr. Mans Cornbread & Honey Butter Recipe

This recipe is just too simple to be that good. The honey butter is sweet and rich with the right amount of honey flavor to compliment the cornbread. The cornbread is more of a southern & cake like style rather than the kind you make out of a box. You can tell it’s homemade because of the soft & rich texture. This recipe is definitely easy to make and great tasting.