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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Operation Blubber Be Gone

There are a few of us who has decided to lose weight together and change our eating habits. We will track our weight lose progress each week, which I will post updates. I will also keep track on how well everyone is sticking to their diets & how we are feeling mentally. So what diet or rather eating modification are we going with?

St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes

What kid doesn’t love cupcakes? Do you know what's even better than plain cupcakes? How about cupcakes that are rainbow colored that taste delicious. I remember my mom & me making cupcakes that were multi-colored when I was a kid. So I found the chart of how to make the different colors from food dye. As a tradition we make something fun for each holiday that is of course kid friendly. The kids will not find out what the special food is until the day of. This also makes the fun extra special for them since it is a surprise. I found the recipe on Disney Family Fun site which always has  really awesome recipes, especially for kids.