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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Toothbrush Hygiene Helper Review

The wonderful people over at the Toothbrush Hygiene Helper sent me my very own THH to try out. If you know me you would know I have issues with germs especially when it comes to bathrooms. So this little gem is the perfect helper for my precious toothbrush (I also love my teeth & keep them extremely clean).

The THH was very easy to put together & our children ages 4 to 10 have no problem getting out their toothbrushes. Our children also got to pick out brand new toothbrushes so we could start with new & clean brushes. I have the security of knowing that my children's toothbrushes are now kept in a sanitary container away from any germs/viruses. It's a small price to pay to prevent the spread of germs, viruses or bacteria from entering our children's mouths. There are five different colors to choose from which can match your bathroom decor. The THH can also be mounted to the wall if you do not have enough room or want to keep your bathroom sink uncluttered. It can hold up to 4 toothbrushes & the spindle that holds the toothbrushes is easily removable for cleaning. The best feature is that the TTH is dishwasher safe!! The container is specially made so the threat of any mildew is eliminated. This is just one more thing that we can do to keep our children healthy. Plus, it's a small investment in giving parents like us peace of mind. Even if you don't have children it's a big investment in your health also. If you or your loved one have any type of immune system compromises, this is one inexpensive step to help protect yourself or them.

Another great use is for vacations escpecially when staying in hotels. During the summer we will be traveling & staying in hotels so this is the perfect item to bring along. I will run it through the dishwasher & buy us new toothbrushes for our trip. Once we arrive at our hotel I will set it up with our new brushes. This way I will not worry about any germs getting on our brushes while at the hotels.

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