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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

CSN Stores Sneak Peak Review

As I was browsing the CSN Store, I realized what a huge selection of products they carry. You can find anything from bean bag chairs to pressure washers. Another item I never knew they carried were sofas & any type you are looking for such as sleepers, sectionals, or leather. They have a huge selection & you can narrow your search down from price, type, upholstery, color, or measurements. Check it out & I am sure you will be as impressed as I was! Here is one of my favorite sofas click here.

I was also checking out (one CSN many stores) & found the perfect product for this summer. Not only can I make breakfast, but I can make lunch & dinner too. How awesome is a product that not only makes all 3 meals, but makes them fast & easy. Plus cleaning is an easy job & I can do better things with my time then cooking & cleaning.

Every parent/grandparent needs to own one of these. If you’re single or a student this is also the perfect product. Even a person who can’t cook could make themselves a healthy, quick & delicious meal. Its amazing how one little appliance can be such a great product with endless uses. So I present to you the T-fal Avant√© Sandwich & Waffle Maker

 Sandwich Maker

                                                                             Waffle Maker

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