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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Closed: Cool For School Event: Frecklebox Personalized Gifts For Kids Review & Giveaway

Closed: Cool For School Event: Charm Factory Review & Giveaway

Charm Factory

Give yourself or someone special a gift to remember. Have the best summer of your life & want a little reminder. Maybe to remind someone of how special they are for back to school.

closed: Cool For School Event: Organicville’s End of Summer Giveaway 2 Winners

About Us

Our goal at Organicville is to create exceptional organic products that your whole family can enjoy. Since we started in 2004, we have made over 3.5 million bottles of dressing and 500,000 bottles of ketchup/BBQ for your families. Thank You!

CLOSED: Cool For School Event: Funky Monkey Review & Giveaway

Pack your child lunch with a healthy & fun snacks! When our snacks arrived at the door I was surrounded by 3 kids & a dog. The kid friendly packaging will make your child want to eat the snacks