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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Closed: Cool For School Event: Smarty Rents Educational Video Games Giveaway For Children 9 Months To 10 Years Old 5 Winners

If you are like our family with 3 kids than you have several different gaming systems. The games can start to get expensive after awhile & you wonder if the expense is worth it especially if your child isn't into the game.

Closed: Cool For School Event: 2 The Penguins Of Madagascar DVD's: Happy King Julien Day & New To The Zoo Giveaway

You're invited to help the Penguins & the whole zoo gang celebrate the biggest holiday of the year - King Julien Day. He's the leader of lemurs, lord of the ringtails, et cetera, et cetera, & et cetera! Packed with 8 Julien-filled episodes to keep the party going.

Closed: Cool For School Event: Sticky Words Vinyl Lettering Giveaway

Give your child something special when they come home from the first day of school or to help brighten up their new dorm room. Maybe you're a teacher who wants to add a little cheer to your classroom. Several options would work great for a preschool or even daycare.

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Smarty Had A Party