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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Review: Calantha Organics All-Natural Skin Care

About Calantha
When choosing a Calantha Organics soap, you can trust it has been made with the amount of care your skin deserves. In it, you'll only find what our family itself would like to have for our own skin care.

•Our face and body bars and future additions are made entirely from plant-based ingredients, including vegetable oils and essential oils

•They do NOT contain:
1. Superficial ingredients or additives
2. Animal fats
3. Parabens (preservatives)
4. Phthalates (substances mainly used to increase the flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity of plastics)
5. Petrolatum (a substance that repels water)
6. Fake fragrances
7. Mineral oils or lanolin (known to sometimes have allergens and carcinogens)
8. Artificial colors
•They are non-comedogenic (meaning they don't cause the typical acne brought on by some cosmetics)
•They do not have any genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
•They are also 100% vegetarian
•They are NOT tested on animals
•Instead, they have been tried and tested by our honest family and acquaintances

The very nice people over at Calantha Organics sent me 2 Body Soaps to try out.

Citrus Face & Body Bar Like the graduation of a loved one, the aroma of our organic, all-natural Citrus Face and Body Bar is both sweet and tangy. This luxurious bar is perfumed with the essential oils of orange, grapefruit, lime, and mandarin, and is made with only premium-quality ingredients.

Essential Oils include
•The essential oil of orange serves as an anti-spasmodic and aphrodisiac. It also detoxifies, boosts immunity, and helps treat acne and dermatitis.
•Known to treat oily skin and acne, grapefruit essential oil also helps stimulate the digestive system and disinfect various organs, including the stomach and kidneys.
•The essential oil of lime mainly tones up muscles, tissues and skin, as well as the various systems functioning inside the body, such as the respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestive, and excretory systems.
•Mandarin essential oil has been found to revitalize overall health and boost the immune system. It also improves the circulation and even serves as a muscle relaxant.

The description truly fits the scent of this bar! It truly made me feel like I was using something organic & earthy if that makes sense? This is one product that makes sense when looking for all natural. Completely different than going to the store & buying a commercial soap.

Wonderfully REAL aromas (not available in chemically manufactured commercial soaps): Our soaps rely on essential oils to obtain their own natural color.

Softer and smoother skin (compared to dry and itchy when using commercial soap): Our soaps lack the chemicals that would normally strip the skin of its natural oils.

Solifare Face & Body Bar
Stop and smell the roses with the inviting aroma of our organic, all-natural Soliflore Face & Body Bar. This luxurious bar is perfumed with the essential oils of Bulgarian rose, clary sage, and geranium and is made with only premium-quality ingredients.

If you are interested in products that enrich you holistically, our Soliflore bar will have you covered (literally!) as the essential oils that it incorporates yield the noteworthy benefits of Aromatherapy.

Like what benefits, you may ask?
•The essential oil of Bulgarian rose is popular for different uses: from enlivening romance and relationships, to detoxing the liver and aiding menstrual tension and hangovers.
•Known for its antidepressant and deodorant qualities, clary sage essential oil also works as a digestive aid and aphrodisiac.
•Though the essential oil of geranium is popular for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, it also helps treat acne, burns, and even depression and anxiety.

Again this soap's description is completely true. If you like the smell of flowery soaps this is for you! I had the same result as with the citrus.

Click Here to learn more to learn more about Calantha Organics

I received free samples to properly conduct this review & the opinions of this product are solely mine. Opinions may vary from mine.


Aileen said...

You can purchase the soap on the Calantha website for $6.90 a bar. These soaps sound so very nice.
arobimom at gmail dot com

Tawnya said...

The soaps sound so nice, especially the citrus! I am not a huge fan of flowery smells, but the Solifare still sounds nice. The other 2 bars on the website sound more masculine.

Annie said...

Hi, I'm Annie from Calantha Organics. Alleen, you can't imagine how thankful I am that you checked out the site! And you're right, though the prices of the soaps do vary-- for instance, the citrus costs $5.90. And Tawnya, I'm glad you pointed that out, though the leafy green and wood smell more "fresh" (read: real and nature-based) than manly.My research mentor Maureen swears by Wood, for instance, as the sandalwood in it is very light and reminiscent of her home and the people she loves. (But I'm sure our guy customers love it for themselves too!)

Just Coupons said...

I love that these body soaps do not contain fake fragrances. Another thing I really like is how the soaps "lack the chemicals that would normally strip the skin of its natural oils." I have sensitive skin and have a hard time finding soap that doesn't burn my face and/or dry it out.

G said...

The aromatherapy aspects of these soaps are nice but I'm interested in their moisturizing properties.