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Monday, January 17, 2011

Review: CSN Stores Avanté Deluxe Black 4-slice Toaster

Avanté Deluxe Black 4-slice Toaster
Update your kitchen with this 1200 Watt 4 Slice high-speed toaster that is attractively designed with a brushed stainless steel front and black body. The two extra-wide self-adjusting toasting slots accommodate extra-thick bread slices, bagels and more. True to its name, the Avante High-Speed Toaster starts toasting almost immediately after pressing the lever!


•Angled design provides effortless viewing of bread while toasting and safe and easy removal of toast
•High-speed toasting toasts bread 40% faster than conventional toasters
•Bagel toasting technology toasts the inside and gently warms the outside - the way a bagel should be toasted
•Removable crumb tray for easy cleaning
•Reheat technology: One-touch light-up function reheats previously toasted breads
•High-lift toast removal for easy removal of small sized breads and English muffins
•Stop button stops toasting process at any time
•Extra-wide, self-adjusting slots are ideal for any bread thickness
•Self adjusting guides ensure even toasting
•7 customized toasting levels for desired browning quality
•Independent slots with individual browning control for 2 or 4 slice toasting

Ok so I had a hard time picking out a toaster. So who in the world has a hard time but me picking out a simple small appliance? The only reason was because the somewhat bad reviews this guy received. I had an Avente that was simliar to the above toaster & absolutely loved it.
One reviewer on the CSN site said that the heating of the toast was uneven. Well I can tell you after toasting several pieces of toast & defrosting pancakes that the heating was completely even. Of course with every toaster it's always going to be darker in the middle that's just a given.
The high lift toast remover works perfect & this is a great feature of this toaster. Heats a lot faster that the previous toaster we had. So I'm not sure if these people want super fast toasting if so they need to buy a $300 toaster instead.
Overall for the money it's well, well worth it. I am beyond pleased & happy with my new toaster which is awesome. Another feature I love is the crumb tray (no turning the toaster upside down & beating the heck out of it). The stop button also rocks :)
Yes I will be adding my own review to the CSN store site.
I received free samples to properly conduct this review & the opinions of this product are solely mine.


tawnda said...

I'm getting to the point of giving in and getting a new toaster... will keep this in mind for sure!

Betty N said...

Oh, I remember toasters before crumb trays...what a mess. I am not in the market for a toaster right now but this sounds-and looks- like a nice one.

Frugal Science Gal said...

This one looks really nice! I also got a Toaster from CSN Stores( had a hard time picking it out as well! With so many great options it's hard to choose!!

KatM21 said...

The number one thing I look for in a toaster is stay-cool to the touch technology.
Four wide slots, crumb tray, and style come in second.
I'm not that crazy, but price is third. Of course I'll look for a bargain, and use promo codes if available. It will be the only toaster I own. I want a good one that will work properly (safely) and last through the years.
I always read reviews on products before purchase. I noticed a lot of negative reviews are because the buyer is just a Debbie Downer with everything.
I hope your family enjoys many years of toasted yumminess.

Aileen said...

This is one serious toast maker! We need this thing at work. I work on a hospital floor and it always takes forever to make toast.
arobimom at gmail dot com

G said...

I liked the angled design when I first saw the picture. Then they added:

•High-speed toasting toasts bread 40% faster than conventional toasters
•Reheat technology: One-touch light-up function reheats previously toasted breads
•High-lift toast removal for easy removal of small sized breads and English muffins
•Independent slots with individual browning control for 2 or 4 slice toasting

I may fall in love with this toaster!

Tawnya said...

This is a nice toaster! CSN has an amazing selection!

Alissa W. said...

Wow, toasters have gotten so fancy since I bought my first one about ten years ago xD I'll have to try this one.

~dab said...

I love the angled design! Makes it easier to remove toast when the toaster is under the upper cabinets.

Tatum said...

just a little update :) So far this toaster rocks & its totally worth the investment. Also it's cool to the touch & is perfect for thawing pancakes!

kmogilevski said...

Meets my #1 requirement: removable tray. I really like that it's fast toasting :)

My name is Patricia said...

This sounds perfect for busy mornings when you don't have the time to sit around a wait while the toast is made. The removable try is also nice - lets you keep it clean.

HomemadeBaby said...

Our toaster is awful! I will have to check out this toaster, I've never owned anything by avante. As a family of 4 we could definitely use something bigger than our little 2-slice toaster!

Tasha W said...

I love CSN Stores! They have amazing products! I have purchase kitchen products from them before and was very pleased;)

katklaw777 said...

We had a toaste4r oven and it blew up...I am thinking about getting a toaster like this to tide us over until I can get another toaster oven. Thanks for the review!