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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Review: Parisi Artisan Coffee

About Parisi
At Parisi Artisan Coffee, our work is never done. We are on a constant quest for the best tasting coffee available on earth. To achieve the perfect taste experience, we start with the best green Arabica coffees from regions all over the globe.

Those green coffees that are good enough for our customers will be delicately slow roasted to absolute perfection, under the constant watch of our artisan roast master.

Our secret roasting technique preserves the precious flavor tones of our coffees of origin, while caramelizing them into a euphoric taste experience. No two coffees are the same, so we roast them each in their own special way. There is nothing "automated" or "factory-like" about our roasting. This is a true craft.

The fruits of our labor are wonderfully unique coffees of origin, full- bodied blended coffees, and the smoothest espressos you will ever taste. We also offer the most extensive line of chemical free decaffeinated coffees in our region, using the Royal Select water process.

Whether you are enjoying a cup of Parisi® at your favorite restaurant, coffee shop or your kitchen table, you can be assured that we were looking out for your taste experience every step of the way.

Bolivian FTO
A single origin organic, this Bolivian presents as bittersweet cocoa with a medium body and light acidity. The combination makes this coffee a great stepping stone for new coffee drinkers to stretch to more exotic coffees. Shade-grown near the Parque Nacional Bella Vista.

Espresso Parisi
Our flagship espresso blend, Espresso Parisi pulls a fantastic shot. It boasts a broad sweet spot, like a huge oversized driver on the golf course, it's hard to miss the fairway with this one. It's easily dialed in across a wide variety of espresso equipment. Note: try this one in the Moka Pot.

We truly enjoyed the coffee we were sent. This coffee has a high end taste that I am sure any true coffee lover will enjoy.

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Aileen said...

Thanks for the extra giveaway entries. This coffee sounds delicious. arobimom at gmail dot com

Shannon Foster said...

thx for the extra entries...will definitely be checking out Parisi

anash said...

thanks....i think this sounds like a splendid beverage
anashct at yahoo dot com

G said...

I'm not a coffee fanatic--but I'm trying to learn! The Expresso Parisi sounds like a good one to try.