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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Review: Piudali Amazon Awakening Daily Facial Moisturizer

A natural skin care line offering the best of Amazon for a naturally beautiful look.
Enjoy the exotic extracts of the Amazon with the best selection of ingredients, in addition to provide a high performance, our products have the following general characteristics
- No animal testing of final product or ingredients. Dermatologist tested.
- No artificial fragrances, colors or animal fats. Biodegradable.
- Crafted in the Amazon following ACTO (The Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization) principles of eco-sustainable bio-commerce

Natural botanicals and Organic Amazon Peach Palm improves the moisture balance of your skin.

A restorative moisturizer that brings balance to confused dry or stressed skin with its unique blend of botanicals. A pure and radiant complexion is supported by the levels of natural vitamins A, C and E found in this ultra-hydrating formula, protecting skin against pollution.

Click here to read the fascinating story of the 2 lady's who discovered Piudali
Their Promise
To offer skin care products with natural and organic ingredients of high quality, obtained from native species from the Andes and the Colombian Amazon through a production process that is sustainable and socially responsible.

To us, sustainability means…

* Ecologically sustainable: This means that the fruits and plants must be recollected without affecting the ecosystem where they come from. To us, it’s fundamental to maintain a constant search for the best packaging alternatives that will reduce the waste while keeping the highest aesthetic standard. Part of our promise is also to continually monitor our processes to optimize them and rationalize the supply chain in a way that will reduce the consumption of water and energy.
* Socially sustainable: To actively work with communities in the jungle as well as in the city, based on an underlying respect for the cultural differences while always prioritizing welfare and development, sharing cultural richness of the Amazon with the rest of the world.
* Technologically and scientifically sustainable: Innovation based on scientific investigation is a central part of our commitment. That’s why we offer natural products with highly effective and scientifically proven ingredients derived from the Colombian biodiversity.
* Economically sustainable: Through our successful and well positioned products in the international market, we strive to keep the optimum balance of distribution profits throughout the supply chain.

Piudali Amazon Awakening Daily Facial Moisturizer can be purchased on or at


Aileen said...

This stuff sounds really interesting. Any chance for a giveaway? Good way have you to sample products before others buy.
arobimom at gmail dot com

Miranda said...

This sounds like a great moisturizer!

Shiela said...

This sounds like a great moisturizer and I love the fact it is all natural.

Tawnya said...

It sounds fabulous and it is only $16.09 on Amazon...not bad for a natural/organic facial moisturizer!

anash said...

thanks...i nmight try this to help my skin balance itself
anashct at yahoo dot com

anash said...

I commented as "anash" on this review:

anashct at yahoo dot com


anash said...

I commented as "anash" on this review:

anashct at yahoo dot com


anash said...

I commented as "anash" on this review:

anashct at yahoo dot com